What is Enhencer?

Enhencer is an online platform that helps e-commerce companies improve their ad campaign conversion rate and ROAS values. Enhencer does this by automatically collecting and analyzing your website visitor data. Using sophisticated AI-Algorithms, Enhencer segments the visitor based on their behavior and likelihood of purchasing something from the website. In other words, based on the website visitors' behavior, Enhencer provides the most relevant and optimized target audience for all your marketing campaigns.

How can I improve ad campaigns ROAS?

Enhencer automatically analyzes the website visitors' behavşor and provides the target audience, meaning the audience is precise and relevant to your brand and products. As a result, your ad campaigns' conversion rate will increase by reaching out to the right audience. In contrast, the cost of the campaigns will decrease, hence, improving the ROAS value.

Is segmentation the best way to improve ad campaigns performance?

One of the most important factors for a successful ad campaign is the target audience. Therefore, a better target audience selection will naturally improve the ad campaign's performance. Segmentation provides a more sophisticated way to understand and divide your audiences based on their behavior and interest in your product resulting in a better target audience selection and followed by improved campaigns performances. Enhencer provides these segments automatically and scores each visitor according to their probability of purchasing something. Therefore, you are provided with the target audience with the highest chance of buying something. Simply put, reaching out to these target audiences will improve the campaigns' performances.

Despite spending huge budgets, ROAS is lower than 1:3?

Spending more does not guarantee a better ROAS value unless the conversion rate increases significantly. Therefore, it is not about spending more. Instead, it is about creating a better return for the spending made. The most effective way to increase conversion rate and decrease ad spending is to select a better target audience. Enhencer's AI-Algorithm provides such precise target audiences based on the website visitors' behavior resulting in a much higher ROAS value.

Is it difficult to convert your product viewers?

Product viewers are the most important audiences right after the add-to-cart. However, not all product viewers will eventually convert to a customer. Therefore, narrowing down and reaching out to the right ones is an even more important step. In other words, better target audience selection. Enhencer provides such target audiences curated from the product viewer. Using Enhencer audience, it is not hard to convert your product viewers.

I can not acquire new users. Which way is the best?

The best way to acquire new users is to utilize lookalike audiences for your new user acquisition campaigns. The lookalike should be based on a relevant audience for your brand and product. Therefore, understanding your website visitors' behavior is a crucial step. Enhencer does all these automatically and hands you the best lookalike audience for your e-commerce.

How can I increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost per purchase?

The conversion rate is as good as your website traffic. Therefore, it is very important that the traffic is populated by the relevant visitors to your product and brand. This is where Enhencer's AI-Based segmentation comes in handy. Understand your visitors' behaviors to find who is really interested in your products to create a lookalike audience based on them. This way, your paid traffic will be more relevant, which will lead to a higher conversion rate. Since you are reaching out to a more precise target audience, your acquisition cost will decrease significantly.




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