Enhance your marketing ROIs by segmenting your visitors & customers

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Conversion Rate
Incremental Revenue
Loss from Churn
Predict your visitors' & customers' behavior

Easy Data Connection

Connect your sales, customers, products and visitor's data. If you are the data-owner, integrate your multiple tables from various databases without coding for data preparation. Next, you will be greeted with visitor and customer segments for optimized & personalized marketing actions.

AI Based Segmentation

Explore the segments of your customers and visitors by their behavior. Predict their next action with the highest precision. Evaluate understandable metrics and use our APIs to get real-time predictions.
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Ultimate Marketing ROIs

Connect e-mail, sms, notification and ads platforms to take immediate actions. In order to increase conversion rate, basket size or decrease revenue loss from Churn, schedule your marketing tasks and get updates about the process.
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Enhencer provides us deep insights into marketing. After reading top and bottom performing client segments, we can take the required actions with decision-makers in the company. They now understand easily which paths give the best lift or gain for business problems.
Ezel Esin Bilgic

Analytical Marketing Lead

We use Enhencer to optimize processes throughout the customer journey. It allows us to analyze and target new and existing client segments much easier, and we perfected the churn prevention thanks to Enhencer's predictive abilities. We also analyze customer satisfaction surveys in Enhencer.
Banu Keskin

Customer Experience and Intelligence Manager

Enhencer enables easy implementation of analytics in business processes. You can build a model with few clicks, and take actions according to model outputs. It is very intuitive and does not require a guide at all. Just import your data and see the story in Enhencer.
Esra Korkmaz

Analytical Insurance Manager


No Coding Required

Create prediction algorithms without technical knowledge.

Fast Deployment

Only a few steps and you're ready to go in 5 minutes.

Interpretable Predictions

Analyze customers according to their behavioral data and optimize your marketing.

Easy Feature Engineering

Create custom inputs for better prediction.

Automated Machine Learning

Construct the best prediction model automatically from robust algorithms.

GDPR Compliance

Fully compliant with the GDPR. Read details.

Predict which visitors will purchase, what they will buy or which customers will churn, and take your marketing actions accordingly