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Connect your sales, customer and product tables, and leave preprocessing to Enhencer. Next, you will be greeted with a dashboard ready for Machine Learning.
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"Enhencer provides us deep insights into marketing. After reading top and bottom performing client segments, we can take the required actions with decision-makers in the company. They now understand easily which paths give the best lift or gain for business problems."
Ezel Esin Bilgiç

Analytical Marketing Lead

"We use Enhencer to optimize processes throughout the customer journey. It allows us to analyze and target new and existing client segments much easier, and we perfected the churn prevention thanks to Enhencer's predictive abilities. We also analyze customer satisfaction surveys in Enhencer."
Banu Keskin

Customer Experience and Intelligence Manager

"Enhencer enables easy implementation of analytics in business processes. You can build a model with few clicks, and take actions according to model outputs. It is very intuitive and does not require a guide at all. Just import your data and see the story in Enhencer. "
Esra Korkmaz

Analytical Insurance Manager

Time is money
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Less Time
Instead of spending days on a single model, build and evaluate multiple models even during a meeting.
Transparent models
See reasons of predictions and their business impact, then take your actions accordingly.
Artificial Intelligence
Without a line of code, use Automated Machine Learning on the mobile.
Let's predict the future together!