Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Enhencer for?

You can use Enhencer to see which customers will purchase/leave or what they will purchase, and to take your marketing actions accordingly. Please have a look at our Cases pages to read examples:

  • Purchase Propensity
  • Product Recommendation
  • Churn Prediction

Who is Enhencer for?

Enhencer is for data analysts, marketing experts, sales persons and CEOs who have data, want to analyze it and to predict customer behaviours for business success. With Enhencer, your team can be better utilized to create more value in your organization with 3-clicks predictive analytics.

Is there a free plan?

Yes there is a completely free plan for anyone to try out. Feel free to see all of our plans here.

What data do I need?

Primarily you will need Customer data, Product data, Sales data and Visitor data. With these tables you can immediately get results for Churn Predictions and Product Recommendations. For any custom project the data may vary purpose to purpose.

I do not have data, can I still use Enhencer?

Yes you can use Enhencer despite having no immediate data in hand. Enhencer comes with pre-uploaded demo data that can be used to use Enhencer and see how everything works. You can also download these data for future references to show what real data you will need for your purposes. This way you can follow a schema to start collecting or organizing data in that manner.

Can Enhencer Connect to our Database directly?

Yes, if you are using a relational database like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server,Oracle SQL or google big query. If you are using a different database system, we can develop integrations to any database. Also, you can upload .xlsx, .csv, .txt and .json files.

Can we use Enhencer in our local server?

In our enterprise plan, we provide local deployment to any server worldwide, in a half day.

Does Enhencer support Data-Preparation/Feature Engineering?

Enhencer supports auto feature engineering. All you need to do is upload the data and rest will be taken care of. Additionally, if you want to change the default options and create some custom features then there is an advanced option available as well.

What sort of customer support can I expect?

Our support team works 24/7 for our customers. From technical support to non-technical support, you can expect both. We also have a team of data-scientists that is always at the ready for any data-related support as well.

Is Enhencer GDPR compliant?

Yes Enhencer is fully GDPR compliant. Read details.