What can I use Enhencer for?

Enhencer is a tool designed to boost the Conversion Rate and ROAS of paid marketing campaigns on online ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Criteo, etc. With Enhencer, you can:

  • Automatically collect and analyze visitor data from your e-commerce website.
  • Segment your website visitors based on their behavior.
  • Use these segmented audiences as target audiences for your marketing campaigns on various online ad platforms.

Who is Enhencer for?

Enhencer is primarily designed for:

  • Performance marketers and managers: Those responsible for optimizing and managing paid marketing campaigns.
  • E-commerce companies: Businesses of all sizes that aim to increase their e-commerce sales through online advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Criteo.

Enhencer is beneficial for professionals and businesses seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their online advertising efforts and drive better results.

What is your Pricing Policy?

You will be billed monthly based on your monthly website traffic. This is crucial since the higher the traffic, the more computing power is required for Enhencer in real time. Hence, the pricing is proportional to the monthly traffic of your website.

Does Enhencer Connect to Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

Yes, Enhencer does connect to those online ad platforms directly. As a result, you can seamlessly create or update the target audience for your paid ad campaigns in real time.

How is onboarding?

  • Enhencer offers a pre-built GTM (Google Tag Manager) integration for automatic data collection.
  • You can integrate Enhencer into your website's GTM or provide access to let their team handle it.
  • Enhencer supports connectors for local data databases and direct integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

In summary, onboarding with Enhencer is seamless and offers multiple integration options for effortless data collection.

Are there any SDKs for IOS and Android Apps?

Enhencer has SDKs for both the Android Apps and the IOS Apps that will automatically collect the visitors' data.

Is Enhencer GDPR compliant?

Yes, Enhencer is fully GDPR compliant. Read details

How can I increase the campaign conversion rate and ROAS (Return of Ad Spend)?

Enhencer's AI algorithm provides a very precise target audience from the website visitors’ data. This should help you reach out to the narrower but right customers with the right product and increase the revenue of the campaigns with the lowest possible campaign costs.

What is Enhencer?

Enhencer is an online platform that automatically collects and analyzes your website visitor data. Using sophisticated AI algorithms, Enhencer segments the visitor based on their behavior and likelihood of purchasing something from the website. In other words, based on the website visitors' behavior, Enhencer provides the most relevant and optimized target audience for all your marketing campaigns.

How can I improve ad campaign's ROAS?

  • Enhencer offers precise and relevant target audiences based on visitor behavior.
  • This leads to increased conversion rates by reaching the right audience.
  • Reduced campaign costs result in an improved ROAS value.

Is segmentation the best way to improve ad campaign performance?

Segmentation is a key factor in improving ad campaign performance and:

  • It allows for better target audience selection,
  • It leads to more effective campaigns.

Enhencer automates this process, providing high-probability purchase segments for improved performance.

Despite spending huge budgets, ROAS is lower than 1:3?

Improving ROAS Despite High Budgets:
Spending Doesn't Equal ROAS:

  • More spending doesn't guarantee a better ROAS.
  • Focus on ROI, Not Budget:

  • Improve return on ad spending (ROI) rather than increasing the budget.
  • Effective Conversion Boost:

  • Enhance conversion rates and reduce ad spending through better target audience selection.
  • Enhencer's Solution:

  • Utilize Enhencer's AI algorithm for precise target audiences based on visitor behavior.
  • Result: Higher ROAS:

  • Achieve a significantly higher ROAS by targeting the correct audience with a higher likelihood of conversion.
  • Is it difficult to convert your product viewers?

    Product viewers are the most important audiences right after the add-to-cart. However, not all product viewers will eventually convert to a customer.

    • Narrowing down and reaching out to the right ones is an important step that greatly helps convert the product viewers.
    • Better target audience selection: Enhencer provides such target audiences automatically based on the website visitors' behavior and according to their likelihood to purchase something.

    Using Enhencer's sophisticated AI-based target audiences, it is not hard to convert your product viewers.

    I can not acquire new users. Which way is the best?

    Best Way to Acquire New Users:
    Lookalike Audiences:

    • Utilize lookalike audiences as your target audience.
    • Base them on a relevant audience for your brand and product.

    Leverage Enhencer:

    • Enhencer automates audience selection based on visitor behavior
    • Enhencer automates audience selection based on visitor behavior

    The conversion rate is too low. The Customer Acquisition Cost is too high. How can I reduce the cost and increase the conversion?

    To Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs and Increase Conversion:

    1. Precise Audience Targeting:
      • Utilize Enhencer's AI-based segmentation to understand visitor behavior.
      • Create a lookalike audience based on interested visitors.
      • Reach a more relevant audience, leading to a higher conversion rate.
    1. Optimize Website Content:
      • Ensure your website showcases proper pricing and relevant products.
      • Improve presentation to attract and convince incoming traffic.
      • The better presentation can lead to a higher conversion rate.

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