Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Enhencer for?

You can use Enhencer to see which customers will purchase/leave or what they will purchase. Using Enhencer, you can also find the target visitors' segments for your products and accordingly take your marketing actions. Please have a look at our product pages to find out real cases:

  • bullet Purchase Propensity
  • bullet Cross-Sell
  • bullet Churn Prediction

Who is Enhencer for?

Enhencer is for marketing experts, data analysts or managers who want to analyze visitors and customer. As Enhencer require no data-science knowledge or programming knowledge, both non-technical and technical users can use Enhencer seamlessly and predict customers' and visitor's purchase behavior.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, Enhencer has a free trial period of 30 days for all the membership plans. Please, feel free to visit our pricing page to find out more.

How is onboarding?

Enhencer has an easy-to-use API that collects the website visitors' data automatically. You would only have to integrate the API into your website’s Google Tag Manager, and the rest will be taken care of. Additionally, you can seamlessly use various other connectors for databases for local data and directly connect e-commerce platforms like Shopify and woo commerce. Please read more here.

Can I use CRM Data?

Most definitely yes, Enhencer welcomes any CRM data for predicting the current customers purchasing behavior. To use CRM data, you will first have to connect them to the platform. You can do so by using various database connectors or flat data files. Please, read more about the connectors here.

Are there any SDKs for IOS and Android Apps?

Currently, Enhencer has SDKs for both the Android Apps and the IOS Apps that will connect the visitors' data automatically. Read more about them here.

Can we use Enhencer in our local server?

In our enterprise plan, we provide local deployment to any server worldwide in 2-3 days.

Does Enhencer support Data-Preparation/Feature Engineering?

Enhencer supports auto feature engineering and data preprocessing. All you need to do is upload or connect the data, and the rest will be taken care of. Additionally, if you want to change the default options and create some custom features, there are advanced options available to define new desired features.

What sort of customer support can I expect?

Our support team works 24/7 for all our customers. From technical support to non-technical support, you can expect both. We also have a team of data scientists that is always ready for any data-related support.

Is Enhencer GDPR compliant?

Yes Enhencer is fully GDPR compliant. Read details.

How can I increase campaign conversion and ROAS (Return of Ad Spend)?

Enhencer segments visitors based on their behavior and their purchase decisions. Obtain these segments that contain visitors who have the highest chance to purchase something. In other words, it narrows down the target audience especially so for the paid campaigns to increase the conversion and ROAS.

How can I increase campaign revenue?

Enhencer's AI algorithm accurately predicts current customers' purchase behavior. Anticipating these should help you reach out to the right customers with the right product and increase the marketing campaigns' revenue with the lowest possible campaign costs.

How can I decrease CPC/CPS/CPA?

Using Enhencer's AI algorithm, you can learn the website visitors' behavior and their segments based on their likelihood to purchase. You can utilize this by considering the provided visitor segments as the target audience for your online ads. This can be very useful and effective for your online ads since you will be targeting a more relevant audience for the products. You will be improving the CPC before you know it, and you will be attracting visitors who will be engaging more with the website.

How can I decrease the Churn Rate?

The trickiest part about reducing the churn rate is not about engaging the customers but engaging the right customers. This is where conventional methods struggle. Enhencer's AI Algorithm will predict the likelihood of churn for all your customers. Additionally, it will segment the customers based on their behavior and hand you the segment insights in terms of customer behavior on a silver platter. This means you will know which customers will churn and what are the reasons that drive them to churn. Once you obtain the list and the segment insights of highly likely churn customers, all you have to do is engage them properly. This way, you will be retaining more churn likely customers over time and drastically decreasing the churn rate.

Predict which visitors will purchase, what they will buy or which customers will churn