The most powerful remarketing AI - ever

AI Remarketing guarantees the most powerful ad campaigns with only the most interested website visitors. Integrate AI remarketing into your marketing funnel and experience lower CPCs, higher ROAS, and much more!

Target the best website visitors with 5x Returns!

Power your ad campaigns across Facebook ads, google ads and instagram ads with AI Remarketing. Optimize your ad campaigns and get 5x higher returns compared to add-to-cart audiences with levels of engagement never seen before!


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Less Cost per result when using AI Ad audiences compared to add-to-cart.

Ai Remarketing

Maximize your budget utilization for high converting visitors

Automatically select your AI Audience based on 200+ Hidden Human Behaviors

By analysing 200+ human behaviors, AI Remarketing automatically selects the best ad audience that will likely convert to customers. Our automatic audience selection and automatic optimization makes AI Ads the best AI marketing tool for Google, Instagram, and Facebook ads.

Maximize your Returns!

By targeting the best audience, our AI remarketing guarantees maximum returns! Elevate your Shopify marketing with higher returns, lower CPCs and much more by using automatically optimized AI ads.

Guaranteed Better Audience

Power your ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram with AI

Better Audience with AI Remarketing

More than 1000 organizations across different industries trust AI Ads

Same Budget. Maximum Returns!

Maximize your budget utilization with AI Remarketing

Same Budget. Maximum Returns with AI Remarketing

AAI Ads’ automatic optimization means AI Lookalike and AI Remarketing are always on track to perform their best. Power your ad campaigns with AI and see the AI Ads difference.

Transparent audience behavior

Get deeper insights into the website behavior that translates to a purchase

Transparent audience behavior with AI Remarketing

Analyse your customer base and what behaviour translates to a purchase with our transparent segments. Create high performing ad campaigns with direct insights and power your marketing decisions.

Better Audience with AI Remarketing
Same Budget. Maximum Returns with AI Remarketing
Transparent audience behavior with AI Remarketing

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Olivia J.
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5 stars for rating

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when we first starting working with Enhencer, but I've definitely been proven wrong. In the past, ads have simply not worked for us regardless of what we tried. With Enhencer, we have seen incredible results.

Spartan Health
Greece Flag
5 Stars for rating

Great performance! I have been on it for 1 month and after the first 2 weeks, the performance of the enhancer ads is 2x my other FB ads!

Sui Sleep
Turkey Flag

Since using Enhencer audiences, our new user campaigns improved quickly. Costs dropped, conversions rose. We can definitely recommend Enhencer to all e-commerce businesses.

Anthos Crafts
Flag Greece
5 Stars for rating
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I definately recommend this app. Our ROACE doubled in two months time for the first time since we run FB ads. Onur is a very easygoing and efficient person and his service is excellent. He is always available when needed and solves all issues immediately. The app is very easy to install and run.

Swoon London
United Kingdom flag
5 Stars for rating
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Simple to use, performs as it says. My ROAS has increased nearly 2x since using the Enhencer app over a three week period. Great customer support from Gorkem & the team. Highly recommended.

Turkey Flag
5 Stars for rating
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It is a very easy and affordable tool. We are glad to have used it. Enhencer has made the target audience selection for our ad campaigns very easy and automatic. Using their curated target audience, our retargeting campaign ROAS has more than tripled.

Czech Republic Flag
5 yellow Stars for rating
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Amazing app, we have Enhencer campaigns in all 14 EU markets and in almost all markets they bring the highest ROAS of all other campaigns both on FB and n GOOGLE. The results are visible very quickly, mostly within a few days, and they continue to improve later.

Andiis Treasures
Canada Flag
5 Stars for rate

Delighted to know that you're finding Enhencer amazing! Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch support and ensuring your experience is seamless. If there's anything specific you'd like assistance with or if you have questions about maximizing your results with Enhencer, feel free to reach out. Your success is our priority!

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