Google Ads campaign performance evaluation

Login to the Google Analytics panel. Next, from the left menu, you have to select Acquisition then Campaign, and lastly, All Campaigns.

google performance evaluation google performance evaluation

Next, you have to add a secondary dimension, just click the secondary dimension button, search Ad Content and add the dimension. This might take a few minutes, depending on the account datasets. When the campaigns load, you have to search Enhencer on the search bar, and you will be greeted with campaigns that is using the Enhencer Audience.

From the top right corner, filter the noted dates to see a correct representation of the campaign data.

Now, you will be greeted with a lot of campaigns that run during that period of time.

google performance evaluation

In the ad campaign column you will see a lot of ads. You can see the performance of each audience for the same ad campaign here.

You can sort the values by any column you like to compare the performances. However, we recommend the following;

  • Users: This represents the number of people who have clicked the ad in total. Higher the number, the better. This means how many people have found the ad to be more relevant and thus clicked. This shows the strength of the selected target audience for the campaign.
  • Secondly, you want to keep an eye on the Revenue Column. Revenue Column represents the total sales revenue from the ad campaign. This is very self-explanatory; the higher the revenue, the better.

You can also keep an eye on any other matrix that suits your brand and campaigns.