Facebook Ads campaign performance evaluation

This section is to understand how to evaluate the performances for the campaigns created using Enhencer Audience.

Locate the campaign launched using Enhencer Audience and then you want to make sure the date filter on the top right corner is selected properly. Chose the date range front the start and end date of the campaign, otherwise, the results might not be relevant.

facebook performance evaluation

The ad campaigns list will change. What you are looking for is anything with enhencer in the name. Click the ad campaign, and you will be greeted with the ad performance for two separate audiences.

facebook performance evaluation

enhencer_b_audience is the audience who has visited a product in the last 28 days and the campaign refers to that audience as well.

There will be many performance matrices, and you are free to observe and understand any of your choices. However, few of these matrices are considered more important than others for Enhencer.

Scroll rightwards and find the column named Link Clicks. This column represents the total number of clicks on the ad campaign. Ideally, we expect the enhencer audience to be higher than the product viewer, like the screenshot below.

facebook performance evaluation

Similarly, the same can be said for the Website Purchases Conversion column. This column represents the total revenue generated from the sales causes by the ad campaign.

In a similar manner, Website Purchase ROAS represents the ratio of the Return on Ads Spent; the higher, the better.