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Remarketing Bliss, Lacoste Finds its Perfect Remarketing Audience Using Enhencer

| 90% Increase in ROAS

| 2.55x Conversion Rate

| 56% Decrease in Cost per result


How SPX and Enhencer collaboration increased ROAS?

| 55% ROAS: Compared to product viewers

| 45% ROAS: Compared to Add-to-Cart Audiences


Retrobird's story of 5x conversion with Enhencer

| 87% Increase in ROAS

| 5.6x Conversion Rate

| 39% Decrease in Cost per result


How WWF generated a 70% higher online-ads ROAS using Enhencer

70% Increase in ROAS

How Ribbon Flowers more than tripled their ROAS using Enhencer

| 4.71x ROAS

| 61.7% Decrease in Cost per result