About Olivia J

“I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when we first starting working with Enhencer, but I've definitely been proven wrong. In the past, ads have simply not worked for us regardless of what we tried. With Enhencer, we have seen incredible results. Gorkem has gone above and beyond to provide me with the BEST help in order to have successful ad campaigns. I can't thank him enough! He is so well educated on the system and has been so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much Enhencer and Gorkem for all of your help!”

Shea Jones - Founder - Olivia J

Olivia J achieved over 87% campaign sales growth using Enhencer AI RM Audience

Ever search for a product online and think, "I could do this better"? That's the spark that ignited the Olivia J brand, born from a mother's love and a desire for quality.

Inspired by a personal experience familiar to many parents, Shae Jones, after a successful career in the medical field, decided to take a leap in February 2019 and start her own sock company when she discovered a gap in the market when she couldn't find comfortable tights for her newborn daughter. Main motivation was to create socks and tights that wouldn't just look cute but let little ones explore the world in comfort.

She was right. Because life's too short to wear uncomfortable socks.

And the story goes on…

They started mass manufacturing in 2020 and slowly continue to expand and be sold in retailers around the world. Their cute socks are now carried in boutiques across the USA and, recently, London and Canada as well. Olivia J's tights were worn to an Inaugural event in 2020 by Meena Harris’ daughters.

They have loyal customers who continue to help spread the word about Olivia J socks. Launching a brand is exciting, but reaching the right audience can feel like a never-ending marathon. That’s why Olivia J decided to adopt AI Ads to improve their audience targeting with AI and grow their existing customer base with our world’s first AI AI Lookalike.


Higher Sales

AI Lookalike


Higher Sales

AI Remarketing


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AI Lookalike

How Olivia J Leveled Up Growth with AI Ads

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. But what if that first step feels amazing?

Every successful adventure begins with the right foundation. But how do you keep the momentum going? Reaching the right audience and keeping those tiny toes tapping happily proved trickier than expected.

That's where Enhencer AI Ads steps in!

Using cutting-edge AI, we helped Olivia J target new parents looking for the perfect fit and re-engage website visitors who were just a hop, skip, and jump away from checkout. They implemented:

New User Campaign with Enhencer AI Lookalike – reaching new audiences similar to existing customers. Resulted in more than 3 times growth in their campaign sales.

And it means…

There's likely a larger market segment with similar characteristics Oliver J hasn't tapped into yet. This indicates an opportunity for further growth and potential for market expansion.

Reaching AI Lookalike audiences suggests that current customer segmentation is effective & brand professionally identified key characteristics defining their ideal customer.

So, reaching new audiences similar to existing customers indicates Oliver J is exactly on the right track with their product and marketing strategy. It highlights the power of AI Ads and its social influence in shaping consumer behavior. By using the AI Lookalike, brands can refine their targeting to reach new customers and expand market share.

Cost Per Result

Olivia J's experience with Enhencer AI Lookalike also delivered a game-changing 20% decrease in cost per purchase!

Simply put, it now costs them 20% less to acquire each new customer. This signifies that their marketing efforts are hitting the mark, attracting the right customers at a significantly lower cost. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Targeted advertising can unlock even more spectacular results.

Remarketing Campaign with Enhencer AI Remarketing Audience – engaging with previous website visitors.

Olivia J achieved over 87% campaign sales growth using Enhencer AI RM Audience.

A successful remarketing campaign fosters brand loyalty, which in turn leads to happy customers. This is a win-win for both Olivia J's reputation in the industry and for providing comfortable products for kids. This success does not reflect only today but also guarantees a relationship of trust and commitment to be established with customers in the coming years.

Full Funnel Campaign – combining Lookalike, Broad Targeting, and Remarketing for a comprehensive approach & more profitable strategy.

A successful full-funnel AI Ads campaign leverages the power of social influence, networks, and identity to reach new customers. But perhaps most importantly, it is evidence that a professional path has been taken in marketing.

For this reason, Oliver J.'s full-funnel campaign success inspires potential entrepreneurs in terms of budget management, brand strategy development, and creative solutions.


Olivia J was born, offering comfy, durable socks and tights that let kids be kids – in style!

In succession, they accelerated the brand's e-commerce growth with a New User Campaign and a Remarketing Campaign. Ultimately, they chose a much more profitable path and switched to a Full Funnel Campaign.

A full-funnel AI Ads campaign;

  • Leverages the strengths of both full-funnel marketing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Making ads more relevant and engaging, leading to higher click-through rates and conversions.
  • Can continuously monitor campaign performance, analyze results, and automatically adjust bids, ad formats, and targeting in real-time. AI can also identify which parts of the funnel are most profitable and allocate budget accordingly, maximizing your return on investment (ROI).
  • Can automate A/B testing, speed up the optimization process, and deliver the best-performing ads to your target audience.

Olivia J's success story showcases the power of AI Ads in reaching new, relevant audiences, boosting sales and customer loyalty, and ultimately demonstrating a professional marketing approach. This case study serves as an inspiration for potential entrepreneurs seeking effective marketing solutions.

However, our innovative AI Ads technology has demonstrably delivered exceptional results. Olivia J witnessed a remarkable 3x increase in sales by launching targeted New User Campaigns that resonated perfectly with parents seeking high-quality children's socks. Additionally, strategic Remarketing Campaigns yielded a 20% decrease in cost per purchase, allowing Olivia J to reach the right audience with maximum efficiency. Finally, by adopting a comprehensive Full-Funnel approach, Olivia J maximized their marketing ROI, ensuring their message reached the most impactful audience.