What is Ad Health Check-up and How Does It Future Proof Your Marketing Strategy

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Are you ready to take control of your ads and unlock the true potential? Free ad health checkups can be your secret weapon to improve ad performance and boost sales with advertising. They provide valuable insights into your target audience for ads, helping you optimize advertising campaigns. Learn how to allocate your ad budget most effectively and discover ad creative best practices that will grab attention and drive conversions. Increase website traffic and watch it transform into sales with data-driven strategies revealed through a free ad health checkup.

What is Ad Health Check-up and How Does It Future Proof Your Marketing Strategy

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The advertising landscape is changing for the better. As the rules of the game slowly but surely change, no one want to be left behind. Then I think It's time to meet your new ally: the Ad Health Checkup. In this article, I will talk about what ad health checkup is, its benefits, and why it is important for your e-commerce business.

What is Ad Health Checkup?

Think of ignoring a nagging cough or backache. Just like neglecting these symptoms can lead to bigger health problems down the line, ignoring potential issues with your advertising can significantly impact your campaign's effectiveness.

An ad health checkup is an early warning system, identifying problems before they escalate and costing you money.

How does Ad Health Checkup Work?

Just like scheduling regular physical checkups to ensure our bodies are functioning optimally, your online advertising campaigns also need routine maintenance. An ad health checkup, similar to a doctor's visit, analyzes your ad performance and identifies areas for improvement. This helps ensure your ads are reaching the right audience and delivering the best possible results for your business.

Imagine your doctor using the latest technology and diagnostics to understand your health. An ad health checkup works in a similar way, leveraging data and analytics to provide a thorough assessment of your advertising campaigns. This data-driven approach helps you "diagnose" any issues and optimize your ads for better targeting and improved performance.

Enhencer offers a similar benefit with our free ad health checkup. This checkup provides valuable insights into your advertising strategy without any cost or obligation.


What Does an Ad Health Checkup Include?

Targeting: Analyze the target audience demographics, interests, and behaviors to identify any misalignments with your ideal customer.

Performance Metrics: Monitor metrics like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) to understand campaign effectiveness.

Budget Efficiency: Evaluate how your ad budget is being utilized and identify potential areas for cost savings or better allocation.

Creative Optimization: Analyze the effectiveness of your ad creatives in attracting and engaging the target audience.

Step by Step Guide to Improve Ad Performance (Facebook, Meta & Google)

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Before moving on to the improvement stage, let's explore together the most up-to-date way to measure ad performance. 

  • Connect Meta Business Account, pixel and product catalog. 
  • Your Meta Ads highlights and checkup report become ready.
  • xs In few minutes, you can launch your high performing Meta Campaigns with your AI Audiences and AI creatives.

Here's what an Enhencer Ad Health Checkup reveals:

  • Revenue growth in details (peak months↗️) 

  • Industry comparisons by Meta budget per month.

  • Efficiency metrics (ROAS, CTR, CPR) on your Meta Ads campaign.

  • Most efficient Ad-Set with high budget.

  • The best creatives by CTR.

  • Inefficient creatives with high budget. 

And more…

Then you will get your Ad Health Score* and we will be looking ways to boost your Ads campaign with enhanced AI Creatives. (Ad Health Score is a guide that provides a detailed overview of the current status of your Meta ads and offers you improvement opportunities.)


10 Benefits of an Ad Health Checkup for Your Business

  1. Better Targeting. You can reach the right audience, not just any crowd and meet potential customers actively searching for your products.

  2. Budget Optimization. You can identify areas to tighten your ad spend and maximize ROI.

  3. Hidden Gems. You can uncover untapped growth opportunities, like new audience segments and ad creative tweaks.

  4. Data-Driven Decisions. You can gain insights to make informed choices for future campaigns and get rid of guesswork. 

  5. Website Traffic. You can attract more visitors to your website with optimized campaigns.

  6. Increased Conversions. You can convert more visitors into customers with targeted messages.

  7. Improved Ad Performance. You can fine-tune your campaigns for better engagement and results.

  8. Sales Potential. See a significant boost in sales thanks to optimized advertising efforts.

  9. Staying Ahead of the Curve. Proactive approach ensures your advertising remains healthy and effective.

  10. Roadmap to Success. Get a clear path to achieve your advertising goals with valuable data insights.

Common Problems Identified in an Ad Health Checkup

the real cost of paid ad marketing

These issues are typically very similar and common. Listed below are common problems in e-commerce advertising campaigns. 

1. Off-Target Audience.  Targeting misalignment happens when your ads reach people who don't fit your ideal customer profile. It’s like  trying to sell winter coats at a beach party. This could be due to wrong demographics, interests, or online behavior. As a result you waste your ad spend. 

2. Low Click-Through Rates (CTR).  Not all clicks are good clicks. A low CTR means your ads aren't compelling enough to get people clicking. They might not be grabbing attention or sparking interest.

3. High Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA). Paying a lot for each customer? A high CPA suggests your ads aren't driving conversions efficiently. It means your recent ads might not be convincing viewers to take action.

4. Budget Drain. Imagine a leaky faucet – your budget could be draining faster than expected! Inefficient allocation happens when you spend too much on platforms or ad groups that don't deliver results.

5. Uneven Budget Distribution. Spreading your budget unevenly across platforms can lead to budget leaks. You might be neglecting high-performing platforms for less effective ones.

6. Targeting the Wrong Audience Segments. Focusing on the wrong demographics or interests can be a budget drain. Your ads need to reach the right people at the right time.

7. Ineffective Bidding Strategies.  Choosing the wrong bidding strategies can cost you money. You might be underpaying for valuable placements or overpaying for ineffective ones.

8. Irrelevant Copy. Irrelevant ad copy won't resonate with your audience and can lead to missed opportunities. Because words matter. 

9. Creative Stagnation. Even the best creatives can lose their effectiveness over time. Regularly refreshing your ad creatives keeps your campaigns fresh and engaging for your audience.

What You Get After Your First Ad Health Checkup?

ad health checkup

1. Comprehensive Report. This report dives deep into your advertising campaigns, providing insights into their performance, strengths, and weaknesses. Imagine a roadmap highlighting areas that are working well and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

2. Identified Issues & Recommendations. The report won't just list problems; it will also recommend actionable steps to address them. Think of it like a doctor's prescription, outlining specific adjustments needed to optimize your campaigns.

3. Optimization Strategies. Based on the identified issues, you'll receive data-driven suggestions for improvement. This could include refining your targeting parameters, optimizing ad creatives for better engagement, or adjusting your bidding strategies for increased visibility. It's like receiving a personalized workout plan to strengthen your advertising efforts.

4. Actionable Insights. The report goes beyond raw data by providing clear and actionable insights. It explains why certain aspects are performing poorly and what changes can be made to improve results. This empowers you to make informed decisions for future campaign optimization. Think of it as a user guide for maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising.

In addition to these core deliverables, ad health checkups might also offer more such as consultation and ongoing support. 

  • Consultation: An opportunity to discuss the report's findings with an Ad expert who can answer your questions and provide guidance on implementation.

  • Ongoing Support: Providers  even offer ongoing support to help you implement the recommended changes and track your progress. You can check Enhencer customer reviews to have a comprehensive idea about our customer support culture. 

How to Get an Ad Health Checkup? (Free)

Don't let your ads get sick!

Start with the first step: measure your ad performance and spend your budget wisely.

Schedule your free ad health checkup today and watch your business thrive with healthy, optimized advertising campaigns.


get ecommerce insights

An ad health checkup acts as a preventative measure, identifying potential issues before they significantly impact your e-commerce business.

They provides valuable insights into your targeting, budget allocation, ad creative effectiveness, and overall campaign performance. By uncovering hidden opportunities, an ad health checkup empowers you to:

  • Reach the right audience.

  • Maximize your advertising budget and see a significant ROI.

  • Discover untapped growth opportunities to boost sales.

  • Make data-driven decisions for future campaigns, eliminating guesswork.

  • Improve traffic, conversions, and ultimately, your sales.

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