Dynamic Product Ads in 5 Points

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Dynamic Product Ads in 5 Points

1. What are dynamic product ads?.

Dynamic product ads, also known as Facebook Dynamic Ads, are a type of digital advertisement that serves to publish e-commerce companies' products as a catalog using a template instead of preparing separate images for each product. Although it seems like there are not many differences, dynamic ads are more beneficial than classical advertisements for businesses.

2. Benefits of Dynamic Ads

  • Time-saving by getting rid of the trouble of preparing different visuals for each product
  • Consistency and brand integrity with ads through the same template
  • Personalized products for the targeted audience
  • Increasing relevant score and decreasing CPC cost with the customized target audience

3. Points to Pay Attention

There are points that companies should also pay attention to while running Dynamic Ads Campaign:

  • Facebook Business and Facebook Pixel account: You will need to use Facebook APIs and SDK to manage your ads.
  • Effective design and call-to-action button: You need to design an ad template just one time for the dynamic ads. Nevertheless, make sure that the template you will use is suitable for all products in your catalog. Also, don't forget to add a call-to-action button for your audience.
  • Up-to-date stock status : Dynamic ads want to show different products to the relevant audience, but your stock information should be up to date so that your ads can reach their purposes. Besides, advertisements with out-of-date stocks can undermine your company's credibility.

4. What Can Be Done With Dynamic Product Ads

These ads can be used for many purposes;

  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Finding new customers
  • Running Remarketing Strategy

The feature that makes Facebook Dynamic Ads so unique and enables them to reach these purposes is the personalized target audiences. The target audience can determine for two purposes: finding new customers and remarketing.

Firstly, Facebook tries to find new customers for brands by using Facebook users' previous experiences and showing them relevant ads to find new customers. Facebook also promises dynamic ad users a relevant audience. In this way, companies can reach a wide range of Facebook users. Besides, companies meet the audience on their website with a call-to-action button.

The second one is remarketing strategy. One of the basic principles of a higher conversion rate is to find the person who already wants to buy that product. One of the most common ways to predict this is by showing the relevant products to a person interested in either the product or brand. Thus, while running a remarketing strategy, users who have visited the site before would see the ads. As a result of this, you can encourage the audience to complete the purchase. Of course, you need to analyze and understand your website and segment them for remarketing strategy with Facebook Dynamic Ads. You can read the former blog to learn in detail how to turn visitors into customers: Turn your website visitors into customers

4. How to Enhance Dynamic Ads' Performance?

Dynamic ads allow you to market your wide product range more shortly and effectively. However, no matter how advanced your ads are, it is still essential to whom you advertise. While remarketing strategies come to the fore in these types of ads, you should optimize the audience by choosing the ones that are likely to purchase in order to complete the success of dynamic ads. Enhencer also steps in at this point and helps you to improve the success of your dynamic ads. Before we call it a day, here is an article you can refer to for detail reading on online advertising: One Step Closer to Achieving A More Relevant Advertising

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