How WWF generated a 70% higher online-ads ROAS using Enhencer


Enhencer audience generating higher

Facebook Remarketing Campaign


Return On Ad Spend

Facebook Remarketing Campaign

WWF Market is WWF-Turkey's ONLY official online store. Reflect Studio transfers 40% of its net profit from WWF Market sales to WWF-Turkey to support nature conservation efforts.

Awareness and trust are becoming more and more important in online shopping. It is indispensable for us to develop sustainable and suitable strategies for the privacy of personal data, not uncontrolled consumption, to generate income. *This GDPR-compliant digital tool, Enhencer, provided a solution that includes prioritizing the on-site behavior of our visitors.

Due to the great difficulty of targeting all inbound visitors and reaching all visitors on a limited budget, we found a solution to narrow our target audience.

Visitors who are genuinely interested in the products sold on the website end up purchasing with a little help from online targeting ads. As a result, it increases the conversion rate of the site. We've tripled the CTR of our campaigns using Enhencer. Thanks to the artificial intelligence model, we can say that it successfully analyzes the behavior of site visitors and extracts the most valuable visitors. With the help of Enhencer Audiences, we have efficiently optimized our advertising budget by only showing ads to relevant audiences.

When we looked at campaign conversion rates, the

  • Enhencer audience had a 46% higher ROAS than the add-to-cart audiences.
  • Similar results can be seen when comparing the product viewer audience with the Enhencer audience generating 70% higher ROAS.

Finally, the Enhencer audience and visitors to the site in the last 180 days are compared for an ad campaign by product type. The results say the Enhencer tracker was able to sell for 30% less cost per result.