How Does Enhencer help to boost Tatilbudur's ROAS?

Who is TatilBudur?

TatilBudur is a company that has served in tourism in Turkey since 1997. is aiming to satisfy 100% of both its employees and customers. TatilBudur seeks to be the sector leader in Turkey.


Return On Ad Spend

Facebook Remarketing Campaign


Return On Ad Spend

The Add-to-Cart audiences

What was the Problem?

TatilBudur was dissatisfied with conversion rates and ROAS in Facebook ad campaigns. The audience in Facebook ad campaigns did not match with the high potential ad audiences of

How does Enhencer Solve the Problem?

After data collection, Enhencer AI-Algorithm starts to analyze the high number of Tatilbudur's visitors according to the propensity to buy something. Enhencer's self-learning AI engine creates the segments by analyzing the website visitors. In AB Test results, Enhencer audiences reached 8.9X ROAS value, approaching almost 3 times the ROAS of the Add-to-Cart audiences.

Would You Recommend Enhencer?

Since we started working with Enhencer, Facebook campaigns made us smile more. Enhencer shows us the way of how we can get the benefit of our website visitors. Thus, we optimized our ads by converting our considerable amount of website visitors into Revenue. Every e-commerce company which advertises should try Enhencer.