How did sementa increase its revenue by 40%?

Who is Sementa?

Sementa Tekstil, which started as a small business in 1972, has grown and received the same quality and care over the years. Sementa makes retail sales in stores and its website. Sementa is one of the leading brands in Turkey in combed and knitwear production.


Return On Ad Spend

Higher compared to Add-to-Cart audiences


ROAS: compared to product viewers

Facebook conversion campaigns increased

What was the Problem?

Despite the quality of products, Sementa did not find the conversion rates sufficient on the Facebook ads campaign. They wanted to use the website visitors' data effectively with remarketing strategies.

How does Enhencer Solve the Problem?

Enhencer immediately started to analyze the behavior of website visitors via the connection of Google Tag Manager. After that, Enhencer predicted and automatically segmented the likelihood to buy audiences with its AI-Based algorithm. Sementa achieved 2X ROAS compared to Add-to-Cart audiences in Facebook Catalog Ads with advertising to Enhencer Audience. And also, Sementa's Facebook conversion campaigns increased by 72% ROAS compared to Instagram-engaged audiences. Thus, with the improvement in conversion rates and ROAS value with Enhencer, Sementa's total revenue from Facebook ads increased by 40%.

Would You Recommend Enhencer?

Enhencer is a tool that anyone who advertises can benefit from with all its simplicity and usefulness. With Enhencer, it is excellent to create ads audience and increase ROAS values with these audiences. We are happy to use Enhencer.