How Rani Mobilya achieved their best ROAS using Enhencer’s AI Audience

Who is Rani?

Rani was established in 1969 and proudly continues to serve in the furniture industry. With years of experience in the Turkish market, Rani continues its business by bringing its quality products to customers at fair prices. Rani provides 100% customer satisfaction with its quality furniture and its fast and reliable services.


Return On Ad Spend

Facebook Remarketing Campaign

What Was the Problem?

Optimizing Facebook ads and all the online marketing campaigns to the fullest is no small feat, and this is even more so for e-commerce companies. Considering Rani's high-quality products and fast services, the results from Facebook ad campaigns did not reflect Rani's full potential. This was when the opportunity for such a collaborative work was presented for Enhencer & Rani Mobiliya.

How Did Enhencer Solve the Problem?

As soon as Rani furniture and Enhencer cooperated, Enhencer began to analyze the audience's purchasing behavior straight from their website visitors' data. As a result of such an elaborate analysis, audiences who were more likely to purchase something from the website were determined as advertising target audiences on social media. In other words, Rani has developed a retargeting campaign by finding the most valuable audiences for their brand and products with the help of Enhencer. Rani, who is very satisfied with the conversion rates in this direction, has been using the Enhencer audience for their Facebook conversion campaigns for a long time. Here are some Facebook campaign results with the Enhencer audiences:

September ROAS October ROAS
1-7 (retention days) 23.95 14.20
8-30 (retention days) 29.28 9.69

Do You Recommend Enhencer?

“At Rani Furniture, we have been using Enhencer for more than half a year. We are one of the first to trust Enhencer's ad optimization tool. When we look at the results of the ad campaigns, we can say that Enhencer deserves this trust 100%. Anyone who wants to develop a successful ad strategy in e-commerce in Turkey should try Enhencer at least once.”