How Mydukkan doubled their online ads ROAS using Enhencer

About Mydukkan

MYDUKKAN is a fast fashion women's clothing brand that started its e-commerce life in 2014. Mydukkan, which offers affordable clothing products to its customers without sacrificing quality and style, is moving step by step towards becoming a leader in its sector.

  • Founded in 2014
  • Operation 5 different countries
  • Number of employees 100



Facebook Remarketing Campaign


Campaign Revenue

Facebook Remarketing Campaign


Return On Ad Spend

Facebook Remarketing Campaign

Maximizing the Campaign Performance

Mydukkan is an e-commerce brand that produces its own products and has a high volume of website traffic. They decided to use Enhencer in their online ad campaigns, and they started with the desire to increase the performance of their existing advertisements to a higher level. After the brand started using Enhencer, they started to get results from their advertisements with a much higher added value, minimum cost, and maximum performance ratio. Mydukkan, which started to get almost 3 times the performance they had before Enhencer in remarketing campaigns, needed to work on new user advertisements via Enhencer as well, and received much better price performance results than expected from new user sales advertisements created using Enhencer’s AI-based Audience.

Mydukkan, a famous women's fashion brand in Turkey mostly focuses on e-commerce. Mydukkan looking to improve its remarketing efficiency and maximize return on its website visitors. For efficient re-marketing campaigns, Mydukkan turned to Enhencer to help prioritize their audience. After Enhencer’s algorithm analyzed visitor behavior, the Mydukkan team create an A/B test in meta ads to compare Enhencer's audience to a classic add-to-cart audience. On one side there is an audience created from the last 30 days of add-to-cart data and another side Enhencer audience was created with the Enhencer algorithm, after 7 days results are remarkable! Enhencer did get a better result on every aspect of the campaign, not only enhencer get 2x more ROAS but also more purchases than other campaigns. After this result, Mydukkan saw Enhencer’s efficiency and immediately change their re-marketing campaigns with the Enhencer audience. This success story highlights the power of enhencer in improving the performance of remarketing campaigns for businesses.

Our client, Mydukkan, saw tremendous success after utilizing the Enhencer algorithm in their remarketing campaigns. In just 2 weeks, the Enhencer audience delivered a %15 lower CPR value than other campaigns. This resulted in a remarkable 2x times increase in purchases and a staggering nearly 2.5 increase in revenue. Effectiveness of Enhencer’s algorithm in maximizing the return on advertising spend for our client.

What’s Next

After the brand saw the result with the Enhencer audience they want to launch another campaign focused on new user acquisition. The approach is to target the lookalike audience of the Enhencer audience through Facebook ads. After the new user acquisition campaign with Enhencer shows better results than other new user campaigns. Enhencer new user campaign not only brings new visitors to the website but also generate more purchase. By incorporating the Enhencer audience into their existing campaigns and target audiences, the brand added another effective channel to their Facebook Ads strategy. This not only improved their digital marketing efforts but also provided incremental benefits to their overall marketing performance.