How MUGO’s performance was boosted with cooperation ikas and Enhencer?

Who is ikas?

ikas serves as a company that offers an omnichannel sales experience for retail stores. With ikas, you can start your e-commerce life for free and improve your e-commerce experience with paid packages. There are a lot of reasons to choose ikas. First of all, ikas deserves the title of lightning fast for an e-commerce platform. Another reason is that they provide a world-class quality with their advanced applications. In this way, ikas continues growing its brand in Europe with several brands, helping the transformation in e-commerce faster and advanced marketing options than subtitles.


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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads


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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Who is MUGO?

While MUGO is the distributor of the coolest brands in Turkey and Europe, it also provides retail sales services. Attaching importance to fast shipping and 100% customer satisfaction, MUGO aims to expand its market in Turkey by increasing conversion rates.

What was the Problem?

MUGO wanted to increase sales rates based on the fast infrastructure provided by ikas and its product quality. In this direction, MUGO was thinking about how to optimize the audience to be advertised in Facebook ads?

How does Enhencer Solve the Problem?

Enhencer started to analyze the behavior of MUGO's website visitors on the site, with its 15-minute integration through ikas. Enhencer determines the audience close to purchasing from within the website, assuming that each site's visitor data is a gold mine to create an ad audience. Thus, MUGO renewed its retargeting strategy with Facebook ads using its audience, which Enhencer creates. As a result, MUGO has achieved good results by using Enhencer Audience in two different advertising campaigns.

Do you Recommend Enhencer?

"I can say that Enhencer as an ad audience optimization tool has given us many benefits. First of all, we saved time by automating the audience selection. We don't waste much time determining audiences anymore. In addition, thanks to the audiences that Enhencer offers us, we have achieved our growth by increasing our sales in many campaigns in Facebook ads. Enhencer can be easily used by any e-commerce company that is self-confident in the retail industry and wants to increase their conversions."