Who is Lacoste?

Named after the legendary tennis champion René Lacoste, the brand is known worldwide for its colorful polo t-shirts and the famous crocodile symbol. It is a world-famous brand that has become the choice of many men and women with its product groups such as clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, perfume, towels, and watches.

Founded in: 1933
Operates in: 120 countries
Physical stores: 140+


more ROAS

Facebook Conversion Campaign


Conversion Rate

Facebook Conversion Campaign


Decrease in Cost per Result

Facebook Conversion Campaign

Maximizing Return on Website Visitors

We started collaborating with the Lacoste brand after getting impeccable results in the online ad campaign performances for several sister brands of Lacoste associating with Eren Perakende.

With the brand already having high traffic, we utilized Enhencer’s AI Audiences directly in their remarketing campaigns. Our aim is to obtain the most relevant audience for Lacoste. In order to do that, Enhencer analyzed the website visitors’ behavior and created the best target audience. In doing so, Lacoste only reached out to the people who have a very high conversion rate to get a much higher campaign revenue with a lower or the same budget.

We started the campaigns 10 days after the integration of Enhencer was completed. In order to understand the performance and difference between Enhencer audiences, we started an A/B test with the add-to-cart audience and compared the two audiences. In the A/B test, Enhencer audiences generated a 33% higher Clickthrough Rate while decreasing the Cost Per Result to more than half compared to the add-to-cart users.

Cost Per Result

These numbers indicated the quality and conversion tendency of the audience, but most importantly, the final results are very exciting. When the campaign is evaluated in terms of conversion numbers and ROAS value, Enhencer audiences generated 2.55x times more conversions - which is purchases in this case - and 90% better ROAS & revenue overall as the daily budgets of the ad sets are equal. Being able to show the remarketing ads to the more relevant audience with more frequency is the key in all Enhencer remarketing cases, which is no different for the Lacoste brand too.

Next Step

For the foreseeable future, Enhencer audiences will continue to allow the brand to generate higher efficiency and revenue in advertisements, and as a result of this test, we have terminated the advertising campaigns made to add-to-cart in the A/B test. As a result of prioritizing the Enhencer Audience that filters the users coming to the website and using it in advertising campaigns, our contribution was 90% better performance than the valuable add-to-cart audience.

In the upcoming period, we aim to provide a higher quality visitor flow to the website by using Enhencer lookalike audiences in new user campaigns for the brand. Since the brand has high traffic, we also aim to achieve a better return with niche targeting by sending category-based Enhencer audiences provided by us and audience-specific visuals provided by the agency. We’ll make sure the brand is getting the maximum from the Enhencer audiences to continue our cooperation with Lacoste and Eren Perakende group, representatives of Turkey, and 8 other countries, by making it even more efficient.