How did Chakra double the revenue?

Who is Chakra?

The Chakra family, who diligently do everything they do, has been serving its customers since 2005. Chakra promises the users of its products not only quality but also peace and naturalness. Choosing a natural and stylish way to beautify the lives of its customers has always been one of Chakra's most critical missions. Chakra wants to become a leader in the home-bath textiles and personal care industries.


Click Through Rate

Facebook Catalog Campaign


Return On Ad Spend

Enhencer Audience


Return On Ad Spend

Facebook Catalog Campaign

What was the Problem?

Chakra wanted to catch the audience who came to the website and did not purchase with social media ads. Thus, Chakra wants to improve ROAS by completing unfinished conversions. However, conversion rates as a result of remarketing ads on Facebook were lower than Charka expected. Therefore, it needed a more efficient ads audience for remarketing strategy.

How does Enhencer Solve the Problem?

After a 1-day integration process, Enhencer starts to analyze the behavior of website visitors. In a short time, Enhencer segmented the audiences according to the likelihood to buy. In this way, Enhencer has predicted an audience close to purchasing within the website. As a result of this segmentation, Chakra got a more efficient audience to use on Facebook Ads. In the AB test, the Enhencer audience reached more 2X ROAS than Add-to-Cart audiences, already a valuable audience. Thus, Chakra achieved the expected ROAS values ​​by using Enhencer.

Would You Recommend Enhencer?

Thanks to Enhencer's AI algorithm, we can better understand and analyze the website visitors' behaviors. In this way, we segment our website visitors in a shorter time with fewer errors and less effort. The effect of Enhencer not only saves on time but also improves our ads' conversions with the audiences we create together. Thus, nows Chakra gets maximum efficiency from the website visitors. Enhencer continues to be the number one tool for our ads day by day.