53% ROAS: How Enhencer helped Breeze achieve remarkable e-commerce success

About Breeze

Parent company, Öz-Riga Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti, was established in May 1996 with 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of children's textile and clothing. They are one of Turkey's leading companies with R&D, design, production, marketing and sales units.

  • Founded in: 1996
  • Operates in: 25 countries - including Russia and the Balkan countries
  • Number of employees: over 300



Facebook Remarketing Campaign


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Facebook Remarketing Campaign


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Facebook Remarketing Campaign

Getting the Maximum from Website Visitors

Breeze remains a well-established company in Turkey, recognized as a successful clothing brand that draws significant website traffic. With 1200 new designs each season, the brand aims to expand its reach beyond its current store locations by leveraging online sales to reach new cities.

Breeze, a well-established clothing brand in Turkey, was looking to improve their remarketing campaign efficiency and maximize return on their website visitors. They turned to Enhencer to help prioritize their audience. After the Enhencer algorithm quickly analyzed website visitor behavior, the team at Breeze launched an A/B test on Facebook Ads to compare the Enhencer audience to the rest of their website visitors. The results were impressive, showing the Enhencer algorithm effectively prioritized the most engaging and interested website visitors for the Breeze brand. This success story highlights the power of Enhencer in improving the performance of remarketing campaigns for businesses like Breeze in the e-commerce and online ads ecosystem.

Our client, the Breeze brand, saw tremendous success after utilizing the Enhencer algorithm in their ad campaigns. In just one month, the Enhencer audience delivered a 21% lower Cost Per Result value compared to the rest of the website visitors. This resulted in a remarkable 3.2 times increase in purchases and a staggering 3.44 times increase in revenue. The ROAS performance was also 53% higher in the same period, proving the effectiveness of the Enhencer algorithm in maximizing the return on advertising spend for our client.

New User Targeting

After the results of the A/B test, the brand was convinced of the efficiency gained from the Enhencer audience and decided to launch another campaign focused on new user acquisition. The approach was to target lookalike audiences of the Enhencer audience through Facebook Ads, as is commonly done by many brands. Over time, the results showed that this audience was performing well and steadily improving.

Not only did this bring new visitors to the brand's website, but it also provided insights into their likelihood of converting and their overall high performance. By incorporating the Enhencer audience into their existing campaigns and target audiences, the brand added another effective channel to their Facebook Ads strategy. This not only improved their digital marketing efforts, but also provided incremental benefits to their overall marketing performance.

What’s Next?

Going forward, our strategy will be focused on expanding our reach to similar target audiences, building on our success like a snowball effect. Our aim is to delve deeper into niche targeting, using category-based remarketing audiences to further optimize our campaigns. Our goal is to drive higher website traffic and convert more visitors into customers, thereby maximizing the return on our remarketing campaigns. To achieve this, we will continue to feed data into the Enhencer algorithm, allowing it to become increasingly effective in its audience prioritization. With a focus on these key areas, we are confident in our ability to achieve sustained success for the brand.