How Armine boosted Facebook Ads campaigns ROAS?

Who is Armine?

As a brand proven in scarves production since 1994, it offers quality products with offline stores spread all over Turkey and its online store. Armine aims to be the best conservative clothing brand globally by providing stylish and modern designs by serving as a scarf and top clothing.


Click Through Rate

Facebook Conversion Campaign


Return On Ad Spend

Facebook Catalog Campaign

What was the Problem?

Armine needed the right target audience with a higher purchase propensity for remarketing strategy on Facebook Ads. That is, Facebook ads did not show the expected performance on ROAS and Facebook CTR values.

How does Enhencer Solve the Problem? by scoring the website visitors. As a result of AB Tests, the Enhencer audience surpassed the Add-to-Cart audience, which is already valuable for the textile industry, and reached a ROAS value of over 10X. The CTR rate also increased by 70% to 2.7%. In this way, Armine started its retargeting campaigns using the Enhencer audience, created by Enhencer AI-Based Algorithm. Together with Enhencer, Armine came closer to becoming the best conservative clothing brand in the world. Armine with Enhencer Audiencein current campaigns:

  • in Facebook Catalog Campaign 9.23X ROAS
  • in Facebook Conversion Campaign 14.1X ROAS

Would You Recommend Enhencer?

“We met Enhencer through our agency. As Armine, we were looking for a way to increase our ROAS value in Facebook Ads. As soon as we started using Enhencer, we were able to observe the upward changes. With its easy dashboard, Enhencer presents a valuable product for every e-commerce company. We are happy to use Enhencer.