Why Digital Tools are important for E-commerce Companies

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

Why Digital Tools are important for E-commerce Companies

Many works may seem easy and can be done from a distance, but getting professional help for many jobs is very important for the business's sake. It is necessary to take advantage of the many benefits of applications in order to make e-commerce effective. Enhencer is one of these technological blessings and is a SaaS platform that increases the ad campaign's ROAS value.

Facebook Tools is not Enough

Google and Facebook ads are the two major advertising platforms that dominate the digital advertising market. That's why there are tools that all businesses apply and use. Although advertising seems impossible for now without Facebook, they are not enough on their own. It is essential to use supportive tools to run an advertising campaign effectively.

Enhencer is one of the tools that can be used to boost ad campaigns with the purchase propensity model. After integration of Enhencer, it receives your visitor data with a GTM connection. Then Enhencer segments them according to their likelihood to buy. Then things get easier; with one click, you can send this audience to Facebook Ads and start advertising to the new audience. You can also do all this in seconds with two or three clicks.

Target Audience is the Heart of the Advertisement

Advertising is a highly interdisciplinary process. It emerges as a result of the joint effort of many disciplines such as media, design, economics, psychology, and data science. At the end of the process, ads make a promise to the audience and try to convince the audience to purchase. Companies believe that there are people out there who will buy their products. The general opinion is that proper marketing will find that audience. Here is one of the most important parts of advertising, and even the heart of it is to find that audience precisely. If ads can find the right audience, convincing them is a piece of cake.

I would like to point out that it can be pretty challenging to find this audience on your own. This is one of the places where you should get professional support. Enhencer offers you a golden opportunity for your advertising campaign by finding the audience that is most likely to buy and will spend the most money. You can increase your ROAS value by improving your conversion rates with the ads you will make to this audience.

Rely on Artificial Intelligent

Data analysis is not a new line of business. But hand-made and manually prepared analyzes are in the past. Data analysis with machine learning and AI algorithms promises to progress more accurately in a short time. Still, many apps require manual scenarios. For example, you have an offline store, and you notice that your customers who look at three different products in the same category are 80% likely to purchase. How long do you think it would take to experience such information in the online store? That's why the online platform you will use should do these processes automatically.

At least, we can say that the algorithm we will use must have practical insights and make predictions that will require us a long time with high accuracy in a short time. Enhencer is just such a platform. That is, Enhencer's AI-Based algorithm automatically segments the visitors. In addition, it also informs you by making transparent segmentation. Thus, it allows the companies to have peace of mind in the advertising campaign by providing an experience without loss and in a short time. As a reward, you can rely on artificial intelligence and deal with other details of advertising.

To summarize, advertising is a much more effective way of marketing with online platforms than before. But that effectiveness doesn't make it equally easy. There are more tools, more variables to consider. That's why it's crucial to get professional help for many works. As we mentioned above, Enhencer and its artificial intelligence algorithm are reliable and helpful platforms with accurate predictions and insights in target audience selection. With Enhencer, you can improve your Facebook ads performance and boost ad campaign's ROAS.

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