The Necessity of the AI Tool for Performance Marketing

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

The Necessity of the AI Tool for Performance Marketing

Today, many retail companies have started to grow their business with e-commerce. Classical advertising strategies are gradually abandoned, and new ones are preferred instead in order to succeed in e-commerce. One of the most significant examples of this is performance marketing. Now, most advertising agencies are either hiring performance marketing personnel or providing services only in this field. Or, e-commerce companies employ in-house performance marketing staff. However, they are not enough to reach the full potential of performance marketing. Advanced AI tools such as Enhencer make it possible to achieve higher performance than before for agencies and in-house staff.

Automatization of the Target Audience Process

Facebook Business Manager offers many advanced options when choosing an ad target audience. With these advanced options, it is possible to reach various target audiences for different objectives. However, it is possible to automate this process. Imagine that your website visitors score instantaneously, and those close to buying are created as an ad audience on Facebook. That's one of the things Enhencer does. Thus, you can create a target audience for retargeting on Facebook without any additional effort.

The whole automation process is not limited to just that. Seasonal interests and campaigns may change for many sectors. In this way, the behaviors of potential customers also change. For example, while it is more challenging to sell leather jackets in summer, the number of people looking for rooms in summer hotels probably decreases in winter. In order to understand this interest and develop a marketing strategy according to the appeal, it is necessary to work with massive amounts of data for a long time. However, Enhencer's self-learning AI engine automatically understands these trends and behavioral changes. Thus, Enhencer can save the staff from long-term trends and behavior analysis.

AI-Based Behavioral Analysis

After automating target audience selection, for many people, the work is not done. Many people who have worked in this field think that choosing the target audience and doing some details manually rather than automatic processes will give more accurate results. However, the trademark of the AI-Based algorithm is uncovering the valuable audience. Thanks to AI-Based behavioral analysis, it is possible to advertise to the audience closest to buying.

For example, due to many AB tests with the Enhencer audience, the Enhencer audience has surpassed the already valuable add-to-cart audience. (You can read the success stories on this subject here.) On the other hand, advertising to Enhencer audience is less costly than product viewers, which would waste money if advertised, as it has a reasonably large audience. This success of the Enhencer audience is due to the more sophisticated analysis with the AI ​​algorithm. Thanks to AI, it creates purchasing patterns according to the visitors of each website by examining the behaviors based on the events.

Another critical factor that enables us to understand the necessity of AI tools is Google's third-party cookies policy. With the announcement of Google that it will block third-party cookies as of 2022, a flurry started in the advertising industry. However, this can also be a good opportunity for performance marketing. Previously, performance marketers were able to create an ad audience using data collected with Facebook Pixel and other third-party cookies. However, although these audiences were generally more ineffective than those AI-based audiences, they were preferred. Ai tools will increase among performance marketers due to the decrease in third-party cookie use by 2022.

Performance marketing has a crucial role in the e-commerce ecosystem now and in the future. Enhencer offers a way out of problems and competitions in this ecosystem by automatically segmenting the website visitors with its AI-Based algorithm.

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