Peak Timing for Mother's Day Remarketing Success - Blog 3

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If you're looking for remarketing campaign strategies for Mother's Day and are curious about when to start and how; you're in the right place. In our journey towards the Mother's Day roadmap, I'll elaborate on creating a successful remarketing campaign and the best time to send retargeting ads to customers.

Peak Timing for Mother's Day Remarketing Success - Blog 3

Before starting keep in mind that Enhencer's AI technology goes beyond basic retargeting by using deep audience insights and past behavior to target the perfect Mother's Day shopper for each advertiser. 

What is Remarketing and Why It is Important for a Successful Campaign?

What is Remarketing? 

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a digital marketing strategy that allows advertisers to reconnect with website visitors who have already shown some interest in their products or services.

Here's why remarketing is important for e-commerce businesses during Mother's Day:

  • Second Chance Conversions: Many website visitors browse but don't always buy on the first visit. Retargeting allows you to remind them about your Mother's Day offerings and entice them to complete a purchase.

  • Increased Relevancy: Retargeting lets you tailor your ads specifically to the products or categories visitors viewed previously. This personalized approach can be highly effective during a seasonal event like Mother's Day.

  • Brand Awareness Boost: Even if someone doesn't convert immediately, seeing your ads repeatedly keeps your brand top-of-mind and increases the chances of a purchase later.

Significance Of Remarketing

Let’s continue with the significance of remarketing for e-commerce businesses during the Mother's Day season. Actually it's pretty obvious.

Because millions of people are on a mission, desperately searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift. Your online store is shining with beautiful options and admirable hard work behind,  but some visitors leave empty-handed.

Life gets busy, they get sidetracked by a racoon video (we've all been there!), and your amazing selection gets forgotten.

Enter the heroes of e-commerce: remarketing campaigns! 

These are like friendly little reminders for website visitors who've already shown your brand some interest. 

Did someone check out those sneakers for their mom, but then get caught up in the chaos of daily life? Remarketing lets you send them a gentle reminder with an ad featuring those sneakers, bringing it back to their attention at the perfect moment.

Here's why remarketing is the secret weapon you need for a Mother's Day campaign:

Mother's Day brings a flood of potential customers to your online door. Remarketing helps you capture this audience and turn them into happy, gift-giving champions.

The competition for Mom's Day gifts is fierce. Remarketing keeps your brand fresh in their minds, making you a beacon in a sea of options.

Best Time for Remarketing on Mother’s Day  

your mother's day campaign timeline

When to Remarket for Mother's Day: 

  • ß Pre-Mother’s Day (2-4 Weeks Before)

  • Prime Week (1 Week Before Mother’s Day)

  • Last Minute Rush (2-3 Days Before Mother’s Day)

  • Post Mother’s Day (1-2 Weeks After) 

Pre-Mother's Day (2-4 Weeks Before)

 This period is ideal for re-engaging past customers and those who've shown interest.

Target Audience:

Users who previously browsed Mother's Day gift categories

Customers with abandoned carts containing potential Mother's Day gifts

Those who have interacted with your brand in the past


  • Showcase gift ideas, early bird discounts, and special offers.

  • Feature products relevant to their browsing history or abandoned carts.

  • Promote Mother's Day gift ideas and user-generated content featuring your products.

Prime Week (1 Week Before Mother's Day)

Expand your reach to a broader audience actively searching for gifts.

Target Audience: Those who haven't interacted with your brand before but might be interested in Mother's Day gifts.


  • Bid on relevant Mother's Day keywords to increase website visibility.

  • Increase the frequency of posts showcasing products and special promotions.

  • Broaden your reach to users exhibiting browsing behavior or demographics that suggest interest in Mother's Day gifts.

Last Minute Rush (2-3 Days Before Mother's Day) 

Don't miss out on last-minute shoppers!

Target Audience: Users actively searching for last-minute gift ideas or those with abandoned carts nearing purchase.


  • Highlight express shipping options and last-minute gift suggestions with e-mails.

  • Use frequent ads with strong CTAs like "Shop Now" or "Free Next-Day Delivery."

  • Emphasize fast shipping and easy checkout options.

Post-Mother's Day (1-2 Weeks After)

 Continue nurturing relationships and prepare for future sales.

Target Audience: Everyone who interacted with your brand during the Mother's Day campaign.


  • Include exclusive post-Mother's Day promotions or recommendations for future occasions with thank you emails.

  • Show complementary products or recommendations based on past purchases by personalized display ads. 

  • Share customer testimonials and appreciation posts and build brand loyalty.

Additional Tips:

  • Refine your audience targeting by segmentation

  • Offer personalized promotions

  • Create a sense of urgency

  • Monitor results to optimize future campaigns.

By following these strategies and timing your campaigns effectively, you can maximize the impact of your remarketing efforts on Mother's Day and boost your sales.

Challenges of Traditional ReMarketing

Traditional remarketing helps e-commerce businesses reconnect with website visitors. But sometimes those "seen-it-a-million-times" ads can actually hurt your chances of getting clicks.

Here's why:

  •  People get tired of seeing the same ad everywhere. They just ignore them!

  •  Focusing on website visits alone misses potential customers who haven't been to your site yet.

  •  Finding the sweet spot of "enough ads to be remembered, but not too many to be annoying" is challenging.

  •  It's also hard to tell exactly how much retargeting helps since other marketing efforts might also be influencing sales. 

The Solution? Modern Retargeting!

New tools use smarter targeting (think: showing different ads to different people) and avoid the "annoyance factor." This lets you reach the right people with the right message at the right time, allowing you better results and a more efficient use of budget. 

 Google Ads: A powerful and versatile platform for creating retargeting campaigns. Google Ads offers a free tier with spending limits, allowing you to experiment with basic retargeting strategies. Paid plans unlock more features and targeting options.

Facebook Ads Manager: Excellent for reaching a wide audience on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Ads Manager offers ad creation tools and audience segmentation based on demographics and interests. They also have a free tier with spending limits.

How Enhencer AI Ads Boost Your Mother's Day Remarketing Campaign in 5 Ways

why do customers click on retargeted ads?

Hyper-Targeting with AI

Enhencer's AI technology goes beyond basic retargeting by using deep audience insights and past behavior to target the perfect Mother's Day shopper for each advertiser. This allows for highly personalized ad experiences that resonate deeply with potential customers.

Dynamic Creative Optimization 

Enhencer's DCO capabilities can automatically tailor ad creatives to individual users. This means you can showcase products most relevant to their past browsing behavior or abandoned carts. For example, a user who looked at a specific type of jewelry for mom can be retargeted with an ad featuring that exact item.

Cross-Device Targeting

Enhencer can track users across devices, ensuring your Mother's Day retargeting ads reach them wherever they are browsing (desktop, mobile, tablet). This eliminates targeting gaps and keeps your brand top-of-mind throughout the customer journey.

Real-Time Bidding Optimization

During the competitive Mother's Day season, Enhencer's AI optimizes bids in real-time to help you win valuable ad placements and reach your target audience at a cost-effective rate.

Seamless Integration and Reporting

Enhencer integrates easily with popular ecommerce platforms, making campaign setup and management a breeze. Additionally, Enhencer's robust reporting tools provide detailed insights into your Mother's Day retargeting performance, allowing you to track ROI and optimize future campaigns.

You know, what’s more? You can start experiencing the magic of AI Ads in less than five minutes. I’m also leaving a free expert service for you to get help with the current status of your Ads. 

Start with a Free Ad Health Checkup to your AI Ads journey !

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Our clients achieved remarkable results with Mother's Day retargeting campaigns using Enhencer AI Ads. One of them is Ribbon Flowers. Using Enhencer AI Ads, Ribbon Flowers reached 3.3x ROAS, 61.7% decrease in cost per result, and 4.71x ROAS!


This guide empowers you to create impactful remarketing campaigns for Mother's Day. Learn the optimal timing to reach customers, discover effective strategies for each stage, and understand the benefits of modern remarketing solutions. Move beyond traditional remarketing limitations. Leverage AI-powered tools for hyper-targeting, dynamic creative optimization, cross-device tracking, real-time bidding optimization, and seamless campaign management.

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