Increasing the Conversion Rate and ROAS for E-Commerce

M. Ahmed Tayib

M. Ahmed Tayib

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

Increasing the Conversion Rate and ROAS for E-Commerce

Turn your website visitors to customers

Did you know only 1% of all your visitors actually buy something from the website? Despite this small number, these e-commerce brands make a lot of sales and revenue. However big the sales numbers are, this does not change the fact that you are still missing out on 99% of the website visitors. Please do remember that each and every one of these visitors is a potential customer. What if you could increase this rate?

Myth-busting Former Beliefs

The most popular practice in the industry is to advertise more, reaching out to more audiences, and eventually, the conversion rate will improve. Contrary to popular belief, as a data scientist in this field, I have to say Yes and No at the same time.

Yes, if you reach out to more audiences through advertising, naturally, you will attract more traffic, and some of these visitors will buy more. And NO, this is not feasible and viable in the long run. These marketing ad campaigns cost significantly more when you are trying to reach more audiences. Name any online ad channel; the scenario is more or less the same. Not to mention the annoyance you will create among the audiences if your target audience is not relevant for your products and all. These irrelevant ads towards the mass audiences will create an even more negative vibe towards your brand in the long run.

Sitting on a Gold Mine

Did you know you are sitting on a gold mine of information? Every visitor that comes to your website leaves a digital footprint behind. You can collect these visitors’ data which is a gold mine for insights. Here is an example of visitors behavior hidden in the data;

  • How long have they been on your website?
  • How long did the visitor has been viewing what products from what category?
  • What device is the visitor using?
  • The location of the visitor?
  • Did the visitor click on the special offers, discount coupons, comment section, product descriptions, etc?
  • When was the last time they visited your website and the particular products?

I can go on for more, but you get the point. These can be analyzed, and you can understand what visitor behavior leads to a purchase and vice versa. So the real question is, why don’t you utilize the visitors’ data then?

The Helping Hand of AI

Like many other fields and industries, AI algorithms have also touched this field and made our work significantly easier. Here is an AI-Based Platform called Enhencer to make things easier. Enhencer is an AI-Based platform that is designed for this purpose on mind. Here are things you will have to do and what you will get.

You have to do:

  • Signup for free / Login to Enhencer
  • Integrate Enhencer to your website by using ready-to-use custom GTM codes provided by Enhencer.
  • That's it.

What you will get:

  • Enhencer will automatically collect all our visitors' data for few days.
  • Automatically create the feature like the ones I listed above from the data.
  • Automatically Apply machine learning algorithms and model the visitors' behavior.
  • Predict which visitors have a higher probability to buy what products.
  • AutomaticallySegment all these visitors based on their behavior and the propensity to buy something. Apply machine learning algorithms and model the visitors' behavior.

Here is the dashboard you will be greeted with;

propensity connect

Without getting into details, all these segments hold the visitors. The first segment holds the visitors who have to highest likelihood to purchase something and the likelihood decreases as you of down the list. It's simple and effective. Select the number of segments to satisfy your purpose from the top. You can send these visitors' lists directly to Facebook ads and Google ads platforms with a click of a button and find the lookalikes of these visitors.

Connecting the Dots

So how does this help the Conversion Rate and ROAS? Here is how you are selecting the visitors who have the highest chance to purchase something based on the visitors’ behavior analysis. You are sending these visitors list to the ad platforms of your choice. When you are organizing an ad campaign targeting these specific visitors, you bet your conversion rate will skyrocket. These ads will be more relevant to these visitors since their behavior demands them.

On the other hand, if you have noticed, you are not mass targeting audiences anymore. You are selectively targeting audiences who are more drawn to your products from the website. In a way, you are filtering your visitors to find the priority ones. Therefore, you are not reaching out to a mass audience but reaching out to a more relevant targetted audience. The cost for ad campaigns will drop significantly while at the same time increasing the conversion rate, hence the increase in ROAS value.

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