How To Reduce Facebook Ad Cost?

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

How To Reduce Facebook Ad Cost?

The last days of the year are one of the times when sales skyrocket for e-commerce. One of the most critical factors that increase sales is Facebook Ads. Thanks to Facebook ads, many E-commerce websites try to sell their products by advertising to a target audience. However, every successful marketing team aims to increase sales while reducing advertising costs. This article will tell you how to reduce Facebook advertising costs with Enhehncer.

1. First Step Is The Right Analysis

The correct analysis is the first step in reducing facebook advertising costs with the right advertising strategy. Every brand knows what it is selling, to whom it is selling, and how to sell it. A website that trades on the Internet can draw a customer profile with a verbal expression, even if it does not meet any of its customers. However, it is necessary to measure this profile and express it more analytically when determining the ad audience. For this, it is required to make a correct analysis.

Enhencer, together with its advanced AI-based algorithm, analyzes website visitors. As a result of this analysis, it examines your visitors' behavior. In other words, Enhencer calculates the probability of purchase of website visitors, which draws complex results from the simple movements of the visitors on the website. Thus, this correct analysis is one step closer to the target audience that everyone seeks and wants to find.

2. AI Segmentation

After the correct analysis, it is necessary to segment the audience. That way, we can get a more concise audience to advertise. There may be specific ways to select a pure audience among such huge masses. Marketing departments have tried these for a long time. For example, publishing catalog ads to product viewers on Facebook or the add-to-cart audience are the most used tactics in Facebook marketing. However, they still have some problems with that tactic. Enhencer offers a solution to precisely this problem, helping to reduce Facebook advertising costs.

Before explaining why the Enhencer audience is more valuable than product viewers and the add-to-cart audiences in reducing advertising costs, let's talk about how we got this audience. Enhencer automatically segments website visitors without any manual additions, thanks to its artificial intelligence. There is no manual intervention in this segmentation process, and there is no limit. In this way, while there were 20 groups one day, the next day, the number of groups may have increased to 30. Thus, the Enhencer user obtains the optimum audience for advertising due to AI segmentation.

3. Most Valuable Audience

The way to reduce advertising costs on Facebook is mainly by advertising to a valuable audience. Above, I explained how we found the Enhencer audience. But some of you may still ask why the Enhencer audience is more valuable than the product viewer or add-to-cart audience. First of all, product viewers represent a reasonably large audience within a website. And advertising to this audience will be pretty costly. Although the add-to-cart audience already promises a high conversion rate as a valuable audience, CPC costs increase with the small audience. As a result, a higher CPC directly affects the ROAS value. On the other hand, the Enhencer audience reduces advertising costs by offering a more optimal audience and high conversion rates. Moreover, in many current campaigns, the Enhencer audience exceeds the add-to-cart audience.

Final Words

The E-commerce sector proves that it will grow in 2022 as in the pandemic. With the growth of the industry, competition has also increased. That's why everyone wants to grow with an ideal advertising strategy. Enhencer contributes to the advertising strategies of e-commerce companies by reducing Facebook advertising costs with the most valuable audience it has extracted from its websites.

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