How to Drive More E-Commerce Sales with Paid Ads?

M. Ahmed Tayib

M. Ahmed Tayib

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

How to Drive More E-Commerce Sales with Paid Ads?

It’s more simpler than you think

E-commerce is probably the biggest market in the world. Last year in 2020, the worldwide e-commerce industry sales amounted to $4.28 trillion, and it only is going to get bigger and bigger. According to Statista , in 2021, there will be a total of 2.14 billion online shoppers. That's more than a quarter of the whole world’s population.

Well, you might say it's the giants like Amazon & eBay who are making the most out of it. Well, while this is true, this is only partially true. There are many giants in the industry, but did you know there are more than 24 million e-commerce websites in 2020. Not all are large companies, and to be precise, most are smaller e-commerce companies than you think.

When it comes to optimizing ads to convert the visitors into customers and drive up sales, even the larger companies can struggle. So this is for any companies out so that you can drive more e-commerce sales with paid ads.

So, Where are all these buyers?

Did you know only 1% of website visitors actually end up buying something? If you do the math, you might say it does not add up. How could there be billions of online buyers while only 1% actually buy something on average? Well, as a statistician, I can say statistics is a tricky fella.

You see that 1% of the visitors are actually relevant and right visitors to your brand and products. That does not mean other 99% don't buy anything; they just do it where they find the relevant and right product for them. Therefore, your focus should be on how to increase this 1% and attract more relevant and right visitors to your website who will drive up the sales. I hope it makes sense.

Good Old Advertising

Here is a quote to set up the tone for the rest of the article;

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” — Henry Ford

So, in short, the solution is advertisements. But there is a fine thin line between solution and waste; you just have to know where.

So, what makes advertisements the solution? Well, it lets you reach out to the people and makes them aware of your brand and products. Secondly, it will attract these people and convince them to buy products from your website.

And, what makes advertisements a waste? For starters, if you reach out to the wrong audience, you are wasting your ad money. They are not relevant to your products, so they are not interested in your product, and as a result, they won't end up buying from your website. Also, remember, an irrelevant ad has a tendency to become annoying to the viewers.

The Hidden Behaviors

There is no single one right way to do your ads right. However, this method is certainly better than most of what you will read on the internet. E-commerce websites get tons, and I mean tons of visitors. Yes, only very few actually buy something but others who don't buy actually leave something precious behind. Website viewing behavior data, like a digital footprint. Here is an example of visitors behavior hidden in the data;

  • How long have they been on your website?: When a visitor comes to your website, they stay for a certain period of time. May it be for few seconds or few minutes, this determines their interest in some of the products.
  • How long did the visitor been viewing what products from what category?: The duration a visitor stays on a product page from a certain product category also dictates their interest in that product and product category. This behavior is not to be taken lightly.
  • What device is the visitor using?: Is the visitor coming from a mobile app or their computer or any other device. This also factors and differentiates their behavior significantly. If a visitor is coming from the app at night, their website viewing behavior is bound to be much different from someone coming from a computer on weekends.
  • The location of the visitor?: The geographic location can be a huge factor as people’s tastes, behaviors, and interests are undoubtedly different in different locations.
  • Did the visitor click on the special offers, discount coupons, comment section, product descriptions, etc.?: If a visitor is looking at the comment section of a product, they are most likely in a state of a decision to buy the product. Similarly, if at the same time the visitor is looking at the available coupons and special offers, their interest is much higher by nature.
  • When was the last time they visited your website and the particular products?: Say a visitor is coming back after few days to check out the same product; this clearly shows their interest in buying it. I bet they are checking if the price has fallen or not, hence, their willingness to buy it.

I can go on for more, but you get the point. All these data are available to you all in the form of website visitors’ data, and these can be analyzed. You can understand what visitor behavior leads to a purchase and vice versa. You can use these behaviors to target the visitors on your website and convert them to new customers with a simple offer or promotion, in other words securing a sale and, therefore, easily drive more e-commerce sales with paid ads.

How to Drive More E-Commerce Sales with Paid Ads?

You are about to launch paid ad campaigns on Facebook ads, Google Ads, and on similar platforms. The most common way is to target the visitors who came to your website at least once and finding lookalike audiences from social media. This is how your ads become irrelevant to most of the audience you are reaching to. Here is an article that elaborates these issues: One Step Closer to Achieving A More Relevant Advertising

Or, you can reach out to the visitors based on their behavior mentioned above. Visitors who are staying on certain product pages for a long time, coming back to it in few days, checking on promotions and offers, or even the comments section. These visitors have a genuine interest in your products, so why not reach out to them directly and find lookalikes based on these behaviors. You bet your paid ads will generate more conversion rates than ever before, and the ROAS of your ads will be higher. As a result, your e-commerce sales will skyrocket. So, the real question remains; How to know the likelihood of buyers?

Enhencer is All You Need

Enhencer is an online platform that does exactly that. It has an AI-Algorithm that analyzes the website visitor data to find out the right target audience for all your products and all your marketing campaigns.

  • Enhencer will automatically collect all the visitors’ data for a few days.
  • Automatically create the feature like the ones I listed above from the data.
  • Automatically apply AI-Algorithms and model the visitors’ behavior.
  • Predict which visitors have a higher probability of buying what products.
  • Segment all these visitors based on their behavior and the propensity to buy something.

So when you get a segment of visitors who are more likely to purchase something from your website, all you do is put your money to organize an ad campaign for them.

This way, you are reaching out to those audiences who are interested in your products and are very likely to buy something. Your paid ads become more effective; this makes your conversion rate go higher, drives your e-commerce sales upwards. Just with one click, send the desired target audience from Enhencer to online ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Additionally, you can create a lookalike audience on the online ad platforms based on the audience provided by Enhencer. This is crucial as this lets you reach out to more people and, more importantly, more relevant and the right audience. More importantly, you are not wasting your ad money and spending it right where it should generate more sales. This is a short overview and an intuition on how you can drive more e-commerce sales with paid ads, a more comprehensive tutorial will be explained n the next blog.

You can read more about how to analyze your website visitors data using Enhencer:

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