Immediate ROI: How Enhencer Can Bring in Sales from New User Campaigns in 2 Days

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

Immediate ROI: How Enhencer Can Bring in Sales from New User Campaigns in 2 Days


Welcome to the Black Friday Growth Guide Series, your ultimate roadmap to e-commerce success during the year's busiest shopping season. Over the next two months, we will dive deep into the strategies, tactics, and tools that can significantly impact your Black Friday campaigns.

Today, Black Friday is not merely a one-day shopping event; it has expanded into a season in its own right. To thrive amidst this highly competitive environment, you must have a comprehensive strategy covering every aspect, from pinpointing your target audience to fine-tuning your campaign for maximum impact. This is where our Black Friday Growth Guide series comes into play.

This series will guide you through each step of your Black Friday journey. We'll emphasize the critical importance of early preparations, exploring how securing inventory and refining your marketing strategy can set the stage for success. We'll also provide insights into essential e-commerce strategies to boost your sales during the Black Friday season, from optimizing your website for a seamless shopping experience to creating irresistible promotions.

Why Traffic Campaigns are hard to optimize to compare with remarketing

Traffic campaigns and remarketing campaigns are both important parts of digital marketing strategies, but they have different goals and challenges. While traffic campaigns are usually used to attract new visitors to a website, remarketing campaigns aim to reach users who have already visited a website. Therefore, traffic campaigns can be more challenging to optimize than remarketing campaigns.

Larger Target Audience: As traffic campaigns are addressing a wider target audience, the diversity of the target audience makes it more difficult to optimize. Targeting many potential customers with different demographics, interests, and behaviors can make optimizing the campaign more complicated. In the realm of digital marketing, traffic campaigns present a formidable challenge in comparison to the precision of remarketing. The primary factor that sets traffic campaigns apart is the sheer scale of their target audience. When targeting a wide array of potential customers with diverse demographics, interests, and online behaviors, optimization becomes a complex balancing act. You must tailor your advertising strategy to resonate with each subset of this multifaceted audience. Additionally, the competitive landscape further complicates matters, as you're up against numerous other businesses vying for the same audience's attention. In contrast, remarketing, by its very nature, operates within a more focused scope, making it a somewhat more straightforward endeavor in the optimization journey of digital marketing.

More Uncertainty: There is less information about new visitors. Remarketing campaigns better understand the interests and needs of the target audience based on the behavior of previous users. However, Traffic campaigns have less information about users' behavior. Therefore, they are more difficult to optimize.

Budget Planning: When launching remarketing campaigns, it will not be very difficult to plan the budget as we already have information such as the characteristics or number of the target audience we have. However, in traffic campaigns, since you have no information about the new user, budget planning and optimizing it will be more complicated.

Monitoring Key Traffic Metrics: To gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns, it's essential to keep an eye on critical traffic metrics such as link clicks, CPM, and CPC. While new visitors might be less prone to convert, tracking these metrics helps you optimize your campaigns for success.

Competitor Competition: In the arena of digital marketing, the competition among competitors in traffic campaigns often unfolds in highly competitive environments. The race to attract new visitors intensifies, leading to increased demand for ad placements and, consequently, escalating advertising costs through competitive bidding. This heightened competitive landscape can pose significant challenges when it comes to optimizing campaigns and effectively curbing expenses, as efficient bid management becomes crucial in the quest to attain desired results.

Long-term value: The success of traffic campaigns is often measured in the long term. Acquiring new customers and converting them into loyal customers can take time. Therefore, evaluating the impact of traffic campaigns may require a longer period of time.

Types of Audiences to Consider for Traffic Campaigns

Lookalike Audiences: Lookalike audiences are the generation of a new target audience that is similar to the behavior, demographics, or interests of your existing customers. This allows you to direct your advertising campaigns to people similar to the characteristics of your existing customer base.

Lookalike audiences are created by the algorithms of advertising platforms (e.g. Facebook & Google Ads). These platforms analyze your existing customer data and identify new users with similar characteristics.

Lookalike audiences can be effective, but they need to be constantly updated as they are based on customer data from a specific period. Also, the consumer behavior of existing customers can change, which can affect the effectiveness of lookalike audiences.

Interest-based Audiences: Interest-based audiences are audiences where users are categorized according to certain interests. In other words, it targets users who are interested in specific topics such as sports, travel, technology, etc.

These audiences are created with categories and keywords selected to target users with specific interests on advertising platforms.

AI Lookalike Audiences: AI Lookalike Audiences are audiences created to target new customers or users using artificial intelligence and algorithms based on existing customer or user data. AI Lookalike Audiences dive deeper into the intricacies of consumer behavior. By analyzing an extensive range of data points, including past purchasing patterns, website interactions, and even the subtleties of user engagement, these audiences provide a level of customization and precision that was previously unattainable.

To understand how AI Lookalike Audiences stand out, let's compare them to Interest-based Audiences. Interest-based Audiences are all about targeting people who've shown explicit interests and preferences. For instance, if someone likes hiking and camping on Facebook, an Interest-based Audience would include them.

On the other hand, AI Lookalike Audiences use clever algorithms to predict who might be interested based on your existing customers' behavior. It's like predicting what someone might enjoy, even if they haven't explicitly stated it. This makes AI Lookalike Audiences super personalized and accurate.

The big difference here is personalization. AI Lookalike Audiences look at the fine details of what people do on Facebook and predict what they might like. Interest-based Audiences are broader and focus on what people have already shown interest in. In simple terms, AI Lookalike Audiences take targeting to a whole new level, helping you connect with potential customers based on a deeper understanding of their behavior and preferences.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lookalike Audiences represent a more advanced approach than traditional "lookalike" audiences, but it does the advance optimization automatically. Such audiences provide more accurate and effective targeting using artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies.

Enhencer AI Lookalike Audience

Picture Enhencer as your intelligent online platform that takes care of the complex stuff. It studies all the information from your website visitors. Using advanced AI, it groups these visitors based on their actions and how likely they are to make a purchase. In simple terms, Enhencer helps you target the best audience for your ads by looking at how visitors interact with your site.

Now, let's see how Enhencer's AI Lookalike Audiences work:

Artificial Intelligence Analysis: Enhencer's AI and smart programs examine the data to find people similar to your existing customers.

Audience Creation: With the help of AI, Enhencer assembles groups of people who resemble your current customers. These groups are ideal for targeting your ads to those most likely to be interested in what you offer.

In simpler words, Enhencer is an excellent online platform for AI-based ads. It enhances your ad campaigns by automatically identifying the right people to show your ads to, based on visitor behavior on your website. It's like having an intelligent assistant for your online marketing!

Advantages of Using Enhencer AI Lookalike Audiences

More Precise Targeting: Enhencer AI Audiences provide more precise and accurate targeting than traditional methods. It is almost essential to show more than one advert to convince a person. However, if that person is not targeted correctly and is not a relevant person, showing ads to that person will be very costly and will not give you a conversion. Since Enhencer AI Audience is created by considering more data and algorithms, a better match is achieved.

Quality Traffic: Since more precise targeting is provided with Enhencer AI Audience, your website visitors will be of higher quality. In other words, users who come to your site are more likely to buy your products.

High Conversion Rates: Better targeting significantly increases conversion rates. Because new users may have more similar characteristics to existing customers, with Enhencer’a AI target audience, you can start generating ROI by increasing your sales from the second day.

Data-Driven Optimization: Enhencer's AI Lookalike Audiences operate automatically by continually analyzing data from user interactions with your website and ads. In real-time, this data-driven approach allows the AI to make informed decisions and promptly adjust your ad campaign. By identifying which audience segments are responding positively and which aren't, Enhencer ensures that your campaign is always evolving, aiming for optimal performance without the need for constant manual intervention.

Adaptation to Changing Conditions: The ability of Enhencer's AI Lookalike Audiences to swiftly adjust to user behavior and market dynamics offers a distinct advantage in highly competitive markets. This adaptability means that your advertising campaigns can respond more rapidly to evolving customer preferences and shifting market trends, giving your brand a valuable edge in the fiercely competitive digital landscape.

Rapid ROI with Enhencer AI Ads and AI Audiences

Enhencer's AI Ads and AI Audiences stand out in their ability to generate a swift return on investment (ROI) in as little as two days, a feat that other methods often struggle to match. Here's how they achieve this:

Precise Audience Targeting: Enhencer's AI Audiences are incredibly proficient at identifying individuals who are highly likely to be interested in your products or services. By pinpointing these ideal prospects, your ad campaigns start with a strong advantage, as they're seen by those who are already predisposed to engage with your brand. This focused targeting greatly increases the chances of quick conversions.

Adaptive Optimization: Enhencer's AI Ads utilize real-time data analysis to adapt to changing conditions. They continuously adjust your ad campaign strategy based on user behavior and market dynamics. This means that your ad spend is optimized for maximum impact, ensuring that your budget is channeled towards the most promising opportunities.

Reduced Wastage: Traditional methods often involve broader targeting, which can lead to ad impressions and clicks from users who are unlikely to convert. In contrast, Enhencer's AI Ads and AI Audiences minimize wasted ad spend by concentrating efforts on the most responsive audiences.

Efficiency and Speed: The combination of precise targeting, adaptive optimization, and reduced wastage streamlines the path to ROI. By reaching the right people at the right time with tailored messages, Enhencer significantly accelerates the conversion process.

Continuous Improvement: As your campaign progresses, Enhencer's AI technology continually learns and refines its targeting strategies, further enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.

In essence, Enhencer's AI Ads and AI Audiences leverage data-driven precision and adaptability to make your ad campaigns highly efficient, reducing the time it takes to see tangible results. With less wasted budget and the ability to quickly hone in on your most promising prospects, you can often realize ROI within a remarkably short timeframe of just two days, a pace that traditional methods often struggle to match.


In conclusion, optimizing traffic campaigns can be challenging due to the larger target audience, limited information about new visitors, and uncertainty in budget planning. However, leveraging advanced tools like Enhencer AI Lookalike Audiences can provide a solution to these challenges. By collecting and analyzing website visitor data and utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, Enhencer offers more precise targeting, higher-quality traffic, and improved conversion rates. This data-driven approach allows for real-time campaign optimization and swift adaptation to changing market conditions, ultimately leading to quicker and more significant returns on investment from your digital marketing efforts.

We also advise you to pay attention to the following key points when launching traffic campaigns

Target Audience Determination: Clarify the target audience of your campaign. Have information about the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience.

Define Your Goals: Clearly define the purpose of your campaign. For example, increasing website traffic, promoting specific pages, or encouraging a specific action (for example, a product purchase).

Choosing Digital Advertising Platforms: Decide which digital advertising platform you will use. Platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be selected depending on where your target audience is located.

Determining Budget: Determine your daily or monthly budget. Align your budget with your campaign goals.

Choosing Keywords: If you are running a search engine advertising campaign, choose the right keywords and create your keyword strategy.

Ad Content and Images: Create attention-grabbing titles, descriptions, and images. It is important that the content and images attract your target audience in an impressive way.

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