How can Enhencer Audience Boost the performance of Facebook Campaigns?

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

How can Enhencer Audience Boost the performance of Facebook Campaigns?

Facebook manages to appeal to all kinds of companies and individuals with different ad types. At the same time, Facebook provides e-commerce companies to organize their ads for various purposes. For example, e-commerce companies can give a separate campaign to increase site engagement and an independent advertising campaign to increase catalog sales. It is necessary to use different ad audiences in order to get maximum efficiency from these ads. However, Enhencer offers the best target audience from the brand's website for all kinds of ads on Facebook. Enhencer creates segments by scoring website visitors' purchasing probability with its AI-Based algorithm. With these segments, it is possible to increase the performance of Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook Conversion Campaign and Enhencer Audience

The Facebook conversion campaign is one of the most used by Enhencer customers. Conversion campaigns can take advantage to gain registered visitors to the website, increase traffic and sales. One of the effortless ways to increase conversions with Facebook ads is to complete conversions by targeting website visitors. Enhencer predicts which patterns of audiences are close to conversion by analyzing website visitors' behavior. Thus, a brand that uses Enhencer will have a great target audience to use in their Facebook conversion campaign. For instance, an e-commerce brand serving in the apparel & fashion category achieved 14X ROAS with its Enhencer audience in its Facebook conversion campaign.

Facebook Catalog Sales

Facebook Catalog campaign is a type of advertising that many brands with a wide product range usually prefer to increase sales. It is appealing to the audience with its carousel format. Although catalog ads are perfect for increasing sales, the most crucial factor is target audience selection. With the right target audience, CTR will increase; thereby, sales will also improve. Enhencer also offers great retargeting for catalog ads. Enhencer provides e-commerce companies to create an audience for advertising platforms by automatically segmenting the audience. Thus, companies can optimize their ad performance. For example, an Enhencer customer in the textile industry achieved double ROAS with the Enhencer audience compared to the add-to-cart audience due to AB testing on the catalog campaign.

Lookalike Audience and New Traffic

Facebook helps brands find similar audiences to existing audiences with its advanced technology. Lookalike audiences consist of profiles that have not yet interacted with the brand but are similar to the current audience. Moreover, a lookalike audience can be preferred to increase traffic and sales. Since the Enhencer audience also reveals a valuable audience on the website, traffic campaigns can be carried out with a lookalike audience. Enhencer users use this feature of Facebook from time to time to increase website traffic. As a result, Enhencer helps e-commerce companies from kinds of industries find a valuable audience on their websites. It is possible to optimize all kinds of Facebook campaigns with these Enhencer audiences, which are automatically created with the AI-Based algorithm.

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