Advertising to Enhencer Segments is Better than the Product Viewers

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Enhencer's AI Ads go beyond, analyzing 200+ human behaviors to optimize your ad spend. Gain transparency into segment behaviors leading to purchases and identify website behaviors that don't convert, ensuring precise targeting and efficient resource allocation for a successful campaign.

Advertising to Enhencer Segments is Better than the Product Viewers

Nowadays, social media, search engines, and content sites cover many of our lives with developed technology. We can say that the advertising industry funds all this. While the companies are competing to find the most valuable person to advertise to, thanks to this competition, technology gained momentum.

With developed technology, advertising has become much easier now. Almost everyone can advertise whatever the budget is. On the other hand, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel offer advertisers beneficial data to improve their ads' performance. Even we can say that today's common tactics can hardly be imagined 20 years ago. For example, e-commerce companies can catch people who have viewed their products on social media and advertise to them. Thus, maybe conversions will be completed with personalized ads.

To Advertise to Product Viewers is not Enough

Offline stores and online shopping are just similar. They have a similar process to sell their products to potential customers. Think about that, you enter a store and start to look at products. Now you become potential customers, but it is still not guaranteed that you will buy them. This claim is also valid for e-commerce. It is challenging for people who view the product to turn into customers with an advertisement. In addition, there are too many factors such as the price of the product, promotions, shipping time, visuals, or there may be even those who just want to look at the product.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of factors behind the purchase process. It is needed to understand the reasons for not buying and characteristics of the purchase process in order to improve conversion rates. Therefore, determining the target audience as a product viewer is not enough to complete conversion.

How Enhencer Segments are Better than Product Viewers?

The successful remarketing strategy includes two steps rather than targeting the product viewers. Firstly, analyzing the visitors is essential to understand them. Secondly, to target the right audience by segmenting the visitors according to the results of the analysis. The point is that Enhencer is one of the easy ways to get the results of this analysis. Indeed, Enhencer scores the visitors according to their likelihood to buy by analyzing their behaviors within the online store. After the analysis, Enhencer AI-Based algorithm segments the audience according to their possibility to buy.

Targeting Enhencer’s AI-Based segmented audience is better than targeting product viewers on ads such as Facebook and Google. Here are some reasons:

  • Enhencer’s analysis is more sophisticated. It tracks the visitors' and customers' behavior and predicts the visitors who close the purchase. In addition, companies can know the patterns which cause segments since Enhencer has transparent segmentation. Thus companies can understand the visitors with sophisticated analysis and transparent segmentation; instead of thinking of the products, viewers have a high purchase probability. Purchase Probability
  • Enhencer AI-Based algorithm automatically segments the visitor. So, there is no need for manual scenarios or human touch. This means, using Enhencer prevents loss of time and human error. Thus Enhencer provides a more reliable strategy than targeting the product viewers.
  • Almost half of the visitors view at least one product. However, %1 or %2 of the visitors buy something. That is, there is a gap between customers and product viewers. On the contrary, Enhencer extracts and finds the most valuable audience among the visitors. In this way, Notoriously Enhencer’s audience is less than product viewers. In this way, it is possible to reduce marketing costs with ads to Enhencer’s narrower target audience. Narrow Audience Target
  • As we mentioned above, Enhencer segments the visitors according to their likelihood to buy. In this way, companies get the chance to increase conversion rates because Enhencer’s top segments have more purchase probability than the average of the product viewers’.

To summarize, it is easy and sounds good to advertise to product viewers. However, with the developed technology, better is possible and it is close to you. Enhencer offers companies a more sophisticated analysis and valuable target audience. By targeting Enhencer’s audience companies can improve the ROAS value with less marketing costs and high conversion rates. Now, Enhencer you can try free Enhencer to ensure the improvement ad’s performance by signing up Enhencer or sending a message to us.

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