A Guide for New Shopify Store Owners

M Ahmed Tayib & Tugce Kapci

M Ahmed Tayib & Tugce Kapci

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A Guide for New Shopify Store Owners

Shopify Starter Issues No One Talks About

Blog Series Overview

Shopify is one of the largest, if not the largest, e-commerce platforms in the world. At the time of writing this article, there are more than 1.5 million Shopify merchants and 3.75 million Shopify websites. This number is growing exponentially every year. However, almost 50% of these stores are small in terms of size and revenue. While setting up a Shopify store is quite easy and takes just minutes, it is not quite as easy to grow & scale to a larger company. There are certain obstacles and non-technical hardships along the way that no one talks about. We aim to help these smaller-sized companies become more successful in Shopify. We are launching a new series of informative blogs. This is part 1 of the series.

The 7 Golden Steps to Scale & Grow your Shopify Store:

  • Part 1: A Guide for New Shopify Store Owners
  • Part 2: How to Generate Traffic for your Shopify Store
  • Part 3: Quality Traffic vs More Traffic for your Shopify Store
  • Part 4: Remarketing 101 for your Shopify Store
  • Part 5: Remarketing Tips No One Talks About
  • Part 6: Getting Better Returns for Online Ads Spendings
  • Part 7: How to Grow to a Large Shopify Store

The links will be updated once new blogs are published.

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Qualification & Justification

Firstly, an introduction is in order. Why would you take my points of view as a credible source of information? Well, I have been working as a data scientist in SaaS (Software as a Service) company, named Enhencer, for more than 4 years. Our goal as a company is to help e-commerce companies to dig out valuable visitors as their target audience from their website traffic and improve their returns on marketing campaigns. As an individual and as the company we have worked with many Shopify store owners ranging from small to large. We have encountered and solved many problems faced by these companies and helped many companies go from small-sized to larger sizes. As a result, we have seen a fair share of different scenarios that can emerge under different conditions.

Aim of this Article

Shopify is booming at an exponential rate, there is no denying that. You have researched and found that Shopify is a very easy platform to launch your own e-commerce website. The technical part of launching a website is streamlined to a minimum for new store owners, including setting up a website, displaying products, streamlined integrated payment methods, integrated shipping tracking, and many more.

This blog will not explain how to open a Shopify store, as you can find countless of these steps and tutorials online. However, this blog is about the problems and difficulties a shop owner might face after successfully launching an e-commerce site.

Shopify Starter Issues No One Talks About

Setting up a Shopify store is quite easy and even if you run into technical problems, a few minutes of google search will lead you to a guaranteed solution. What about other non-technical issues that a merchant can face?

  • Finding Customers for Your Shopify Store: You have a working e-commerce website and all your products are displayed. But who are your customers and how to find them? Therefore, you need to know your product, the potential customers for the products, and the potential market as well.
  • How to Generate the Right Traffic for your Shopify Store: An E-commerce website's growth is directly related to its website traffic. The more traffic a website has the more chances of sales it will have. This is where the right traffic comes into play. If you sell cosmetic products then you should try to attract females as your website traffic. There are many tried and proven methods for this which will be explained in the upcoming blog.
  • Despite website traffic, website sale is very low: You have successfully generated a lot of traffic for your store. However, the website sale might still be very low. This is the age-old curse of e-commerce websites. On Average, only 1% of e-commerce visitors make any purchases. The most recommended solution for this is to launch remarketing ad campaigns. keep an eye on the upcoming blogs to learn ins and outs of remarketing campaigns.
  • How to increase conversion of your online ads: Remarketing campaigns are bread and butter for every e-commerce company. The internet is flooded with tips and tricks for remarketing campaigns. It is very easy to launch a remarketing campaign but very tricky to get it right. That's why there are so many shared complaints about low campaign conversion rates. As a result, you see so many marketing gurus are rushing to launch a course on remarketing campaign strategies. However cliche it might sound, we will share our experiences, tips & tricks and try to guide you on the right remarketing strategies.
  • How to Grow from Small to Large Shopify Store: The remarketing strategies work as long as you have website visitors. It generates a steady amount of sales over time. However, this does not guarantee a scale or growth. It requires heavy spending on both traffic ads and remarketing ads at the same time. Additionally, you have to bring quality traffic over more traffic and target precisely for the remarketing ads to bring in more conversions. Just as the old saying: you have to spend money to earn more money. This is a long process that requires time, money, and a great marketing strategy. In the following blog articles, we will share the necessary steps to achieve a sustainable scale and growth.

These are the problems that are not always talked about. They emerge slowly at different stages of the store journey from small to larger size company. What's worse is that, even if you search hours online, you will not find any guaranteed solutions. These are open-ended problems that do not have any absolute solutions. What works for others might not work for you. They require a good understanding of your product and the targeted market, a lot of trial and error, and a rock-solid strategy. There is a reason why not all the e-commerces simply become large players in the industry. Keep an eye on the next blogs for learning the ins and outs regarding Shopify store, and online marketing to grow and scale your store.

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