Why Enhencer

Enhencer is a Self Service AI platform that predicts visitors’ and customers behavior, actions and choices. Enhencer helps e-commerce platforms to achieve increased marketing ROI and conversion rate in the simplest manner possible.


Precise Audience Selection for Largest ROI

A marketing campaign's success depends on many factors; among them, the target audience is the most crucial one and the most difficult one to get right. Using Enhencer's Auto Segmentation Algorithm, narrow down this target audience based on not only their demographics but their behavior and interests as well. Reach out to the right audiences with the right approach to more than triple the marketing ROI.

Precise Audience Selection

AI based Transparent Segments

Enhencer's AI Algorithm transparently provides in-depth segment insights that contain visitors' and customers' purchase behavior. In other words, know your customers better to design personalized campaigns for each customer segment and offer them more relevant marketing campaigns.

Transparent Segmentation

Integrations in Minutes

Enhencer's Custom-Designed API takes only a few minutes to be integrated into your website. The same integration will collect visitors' data automatically and predict new visitors' actions in real-time. Seamlessly integrate other sources like database and e-commerce connectors with only but a few minutes to spare.


Who trust us

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Chakra wanted to prioritize their add to cart conversion and improve their targeting for potential customers. In order to do so, they needed to model and segment the website visitors' behaviors. While the conventional methods can take weeks or even months to construct any meaningful insights, Using Enhencer Chakra was able to accurately predict visitors' propensity to buy and segment their behavior for potential customers targeting.
Multinet predicted their customers' churn likelihoods with a stunning accuracy of 98%. Enhencer's AI algorithm also provided Multinet with the customer segments containing customer behavior for churn; this enabled the company to create personalized marketing campaigns. Accurate churn prediction and customer behavior segments mean reaching out to the right customers with suitable marketing campaigns. All these translate to retaining more churn customers than ever, with a vast influx of lost revenue for Multinet.

How effective it is


Narrow down the target customer segments based on their behavior and interests for any marketing campaign. Organize personalized campaigns for each customer segment to more than triple the conversion rate. In other words, know your customers better to offer them more relevant marketing campaigns.

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Utilize and learn the website visitors’ behavior to obtain a better target audience for your online ads. Be more effective with your ads by targeting a more relevant and right audience throughout every channel possible. Not only will you improve the CPC, but you will also attract visitors who will engage more.


Using Enhencer’s AI Algorithms, predict the customers’ behavior, actions, and choices beforehand, organizing any campaigns. By reaching out to the right customers with the product, double the return of your marketing campaigns with the lowest possible campaign cost.

Model your way to smarter sales and marketing!