Purchase Propensity

Increase the positive return of such campaigns up to 90% and learn why and how the marketing campaigns are made effective against which customer group.

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1. Connect data from various sources

Connect your data from various sources including databases, online data or flat files. Enhencer has a revolutionary Auto Data Preparation feature that saves days that is spent on data preparation.


2. Factors leading to a purchase

Discounts and special offers do make a difference in the final sales figure. Each customer responds to these offers differently and this behavior can be observed up close with Enhencer’s Auto Segmentation method. Explore not only the customer demographics but also their past responses to such offers and their past purchase history.

3. Predict the likelihood of a new lead

Predict the likelihood to purchase for both the first-time buyers & returning buyers based on the offers and marketing campaigns in hand, the customer behaviors and demographics. Enhencer lets you use many Machine Learning algorithms and compare them for you to obtain the most reliable and precise predictions possible.


4. Choosing the Right Campaign

Obtain which customers are likely to buy based on the offers and discount campaigns. What good are the offers if it reaches the wrong customers therefore, reach out to less but the right customer segments to obtain the highest propensity. Make the most out of your marketing campaigns with Enhencer that allows you to integrate into your platforms using API in any format.

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No Coding Required

Create prediction algorithms without technical knowledge.

Fast Deployment

Only a few steps and you're ready to go.

Interpretable Predictions

Analyze customers according to their behavioral data and optimize your marketing.

Easy Feature Engineering

Create custom inputs for better prediction.

Automated Machine Learning

Construct the best prediction model automatically from robust algorithms.

GDPR Compliance

Fully compliant with the GDPR. Read details.

Model your way to smarter sales and marketing!