Purchase Propensity

Increase your conversion rate by focusing only on the visitors likely to purchase and explore the visitor segments by their behavior data. Take marketing actions on the right visitor segments provided by Enhencer's AI algorithm.

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1. Collect Visitor Data

Collect valuable visitors’ data with Enhencer’s ready to use API connectors by also pairing with Google Tag manager with great ease. Additionally, Enhencer has a revolutionary Auto Data Preparation feature that will handle all the data preparation of these collected data and supposedly saves days of labor.


2. Explore Visitor Segments

Each visitor has different behavior and thus different website visit footprints. With Enhencer’s auto segmentation algorithm, explore the visitors’ segments based on their behavior. Since not all segments have high purchase propensity, Enhencer eliminates the marketing efforts for those having a lower likelihood to increase the overall conversion rate.

3. Optimize Marketing Campaign

Customer acquisition needs heavy marketing efforts and it’s generally achieved using costly advertisement campaigns. To decrease these overall campaign efforts and cost, Enhencer provides the ready to use Google Tag Manager API to focus on the right visitors and optimize the marketing campaigns for the highest possible return.


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No Coding Required

Create prediction algorithms without technical knowledge.

Fast Deployment

Only a few steps and you're ready to go.

Interpretable Predictions

Analyze customers according to their behavioral data and optimize your marketing.

Easy Feature Engineering

Create custom inputs for better prediction.

Automated Machine Learning

Construct the best prediction model automatically from robust algorithms.

GDPR Compliance

Fully compliant with the GDPR. Read details.

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