Enhencer raised an investment
with a valuation of 18 Million TL!

SaaS platform Enhencer, which predicts purchasing behaviors with machine learning in a simple way, received 1.5 million TL seed investment with a valuation of 18 million TL.

According to the information shared by Enhencer, Mert Kaçmaz, Çağrı Cebe, Serkan Tutar, Çağrı Emre Korkmaz, Arzu Umur, Enis Ulusoy and Geometri Ventures raised 1.5 million TL seed investment with a valuation of 18 million TL. With this investment, the Enhencer team aims to bring the brand and the product to a scale that is accessible by firms of all sizes, and to globally accelerate its growth in the American and European markets.

Enhencer, with a team experienced in data science, software development and digital marketing was selected as the "Start Up of the Year" in Techsquare, KoçSistem's entrepreneurship platform, in May 2019. It was one of the 12 startups selected for the 6th iteration of the Workup entrepreneurship program in January 2020. Since 2018, they have also been working with more than 20 industry leaders, including Gittigidiyor, Tatilsepeti, Multinet, Ininal, Aygaz and KKB.

Today, there are millions of end users and thousands of products, brands and marketplace that reaches these end users via digital mediums. Hence, it is almost impossible to analyze these purchasing behaviors one by one. Enhencer is a SaaS product that accurately predicts the likelihood of their users making purchases, which products these users will buy and the likelihood of user churn within minutes for every company that reaches the end user via digital mediums, especially e-commerce.

The greatest value propositions of Enhencer is to enable companies' CRM and marketing teams to take faster and optimum action with the predictions made by its own machine learning. By using Enhencer, companies can increase the return of investment (ROI) and optimize their marketing activities and expenses. One of the most important features that makes Enhencer different from its competitors is that companies can use this product without the need for any data scientists and developers and obtain the consumer analytics in a very short period of time.