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Enhencer - Predictive Storyteller

Enhencer is an Automated Machine Learning Platform which enables business users to apply advanced analytics and machine learning to their data without coding. Enhencer's user-friendly interface allows users to create predictive models within minutes and then score individual records based on the model.

This Help-Center is designed to help you to learn Enhencer platform. Should you need to contact us for further questions, you can reach us here.

Accessing Enhencer

Enhencer platform is a cloud based application but it can also be installed in-house. It is a web based application so you can access it and use it through your browser. The suggested browser to be used to access Enhencer is Google Chrome. Depending on the hosting of your system, you can access the system using the URL.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. In the address bar, write the Enhencer application URL. If you are using Enhencer on cloud, the URL is If you are using Enhencer on your private cloud or in premise installation, the URL would be provided by your IT.

Accessing Enhencer is actually that easy, also you can access the app from the Sign in and Try Free buttons on the top menu.


Workspaces page is where all the projects are stored and displayed.

  • Workspaces are displayed on the left menu. You can think of it as a folder for projects in Enhencer. Users can create multiple workspaces, rename, share with a collaborator or delete them.
  • Those colorful cards are the projects of a workspace