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Creating a New Workspace

The workspace is a collection of projects created by the user. To create a new workspace simply click the button + Create Workspace and a popup will appear asking for the name of the workspace. Provide the desired name and click OK to finalize creating a new workspace.

How to share a workspace with other users?

To share the workspace with others please make sure to add them as team members first. Read how to add team members here (LINK). Once the team members are added; click the collaborator icons on the top corner of the chosen workspace as shown in the picture Above.

A pop up should appear. Choose the collaborator from the list of team members added. There are three types of collaborators;

  • Analyst: Can change and alter the analytics and reposts.
  • Viewer: Can only see the saved reports and analytics and can not alter anything.
Choose the desired collaborator type and click OK to add the persona as a collaborator.
Collaborator Options