Purchase Propensity

Purchase Propensity Interpretation

Enhencer makes it unprecedentedly easy to analyze and predict customer journeys and customer behaviors by providing pre-defined templates for the whole process.

This is the Purchase Propensity dashboard. It packs a handful of meaningful insights.

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  • Overall Conversion Rate: The chart on the top left shows the overall conversion rate. Visitors bar represents the total number of visitors to the webpage till now whereas the purchase bar shows the total number of purchases till now and the conversion rate is the proportion of visitors that ends up making a purchase.

  • Segment Insights: Enhencer segments the visitors based on their website visit behavior and their likelihood to purchase something. The segments’ insight can be seen as well to identify visitors’ behavior in particular segments. Just hover over to the info icon located at the left corner of any segment and the segment insight will be shown.
    Product Recommendation
    • The IF AND portion of the insight represents the website browsing/visit behavior of these visitors under this segment.

    • The number of customers on the right bottom shows how many visitors fall into these segments or can also be interpreted as; many customers have similar behavior when browning the website for products.

    • Conversion rate represents the proportion of customers from these segments that ended up buying something. It can also be interpreted as these particular behaviors of the visitors leads up to this percentage of conversion.
  • This is a very powerful insight as this shows what kind of behavior leads to a purchase and thus this segment can be targeted to maximize the purchase propensity from these kinds of visitors. This brings out target groups for the future marketing campaign/actions.

  • Segmented Conversion Rate: The barplot on the right ride shows the cumulative conversion rate of the selected segments. The highlighted segments are being selected at the moment and vice versa. The top segments are the visitors with the highest likelihood to purchase and the likelihood decreases as we go down the segments list.

  • Product Recommendation
  • One crucial point to note; notice the number of visitors on the right plot is significantly lower than the overall visitors shown in the left plot. This is because Enhencer has segmented visitors with the most likelihood at the top segments. This also mean; a trade off can be made here by selecting the optimum number of segments to reach optimum conversion rate and finding out the target visitors group.

  • Purchase Statistics This section represents the purchase history and purchase statistics from the data. The total number of visitors in the data, overall conversion rate and total actual purchases.

  • Purchase Conversion Map The map shows the location of the visitors around the world as well as the map of revenue. This shows the possible location to target for future marketing campaigns.

  • Return of Investment This area shows the possible future return of investments if the targeted visitors are reached with marketing campaigns. The targeted visitors are the ones that belong to the selected number of segments from the top list.

  • Exports/API All these segments, predictions and likelihoods can be downloaded in a static file as well as can be integrated into your own platform using API connectors. To read more about API please click here.