Churn Prediction

Churn Prediction Interpretation

Enhencer makes it unprecedentedly easy to analyze and predict customer journeys and customer behaviors by providing pre-defined templates for the whole process.

This is the Churn Prediction dashboard. It packs a handful of meaningful insights.

Churn Dashboard
  • Churn Rates: The area labeled 1 shows the previous churn rates over time as well as the projected churn rate for the future with the red dashed line.

  • Revenue Loss: Revenue loss tab shows the previous revenue loss caused by the past churn cases and the projected revenue losses due to the predicted churn cases.

  • Churn Map: Churn map labeled as 2 in the picture shows the location of the previously churned customers as well as the locations of the future possible churn cases.

  • Customer Segments: Segments show the behavior of customers of that particular segment. As you move along the dotted points it shows the reasons behind the churn cases in this segment. In other words, this chart shows the contribution of each behavior of customers towards the churn probability. The drop-down can be used to observe the behaviors of the customers from other segments.

  • Customer Targeting: This area shows the customer targeting options. Among all the customers’ users can choose a portion of customers based on their likelihood of churn. For instance; 50% of the slider means the top 50% of the most highly likely customers are chosen for a campaigning purpose. This means when taking marketing actions one has to reach out to a fraction of the whole customer pool in order to retain a major proportion of customers who were highly likely to leave.

  • Customers List: This is the list of customers that are most highly likely to churn. The list is generated according to the percentage of customers selected in the slider on the left panel. The list is sorted from most highly likely to least likely churn customers.

  • Cost/Revenue Projections: This area represents the cost of marketing campaigns if these customers are targeted and the revenue that would be generated if the churn customers are retained. This in reality is a rough projection of how targeting the right customer would benefit the marketing campaigns.

How to export churn customer predictions?

Click on the export or share button at the top right corner of the list to be able to export the customer list for possible churn cases. This makes taking actions (marketing) fast and snappy.