API for Purchase Propensity

Enhencer allows users to get the API that should enable them to obtain purchase propensity likelihoods for individual visitors.

While in the Purchase Propensity Dashboard click the Get API Code button. This should download a text file with all the information required.

This API can be used and implemented to the preferred platform by HTTPS POST REQUEST; such as, python, postman, nodejs, php, java etc.

The API File contains:

  • hostname: The hostname of the https post request.
  • port: Port number of the host server.
  • path: Path of the https request inside the host server.
  • method: Method of the https request which is POST in this case.
  • token: An unique API token code.
  • key: An unique key for the API token
  • id: This is the id number of the visitor for whom the purchase propensity likelihood is to be predicted and requested from the host.
  • Call the function below your JS code: This part of the code can be used directly to integrate on any website and receive visitors' predictions instantly.

For any further assistance regarding API connections please feel free to contact us.