Churn Prediction

Customer churn is the worst nightmare of recurring revenue. Retain the customers before they leave and take the right actions at the right time by lowering your marketing costs.


Connect Data

Connect your sales, customer, and product data in e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Big-Commerce, etc. If you are the data-owner, integrate your multiple tables from various databases or flat files without coding for data preparation.

Bulletpoint E-Commerce Platforms: Using Enhencer’s custom-designed API, Connect your e-commerce platform data seamlessly from Shopify, woo-commerce, and many more.
Bulletpoint Databases: Enhencer Provides many database connectors to connect and import the CRM data in the most easiest manner possible.
Bulletpoint Auto Data-Prep: Enhencer comes with Auto Feature Engineering that can save weeks of time spent in manual data preparations.

Explore the reasons why customers leave

A customer leaves your company for a reason. It is essential to know the reason to take any actions. Enhencer segments your customers via transparent algorithms that clearly display the past behaviors leading to Customer Churn.

Bulletpoint AI-Based Transparent Segmentations: Enhencer transparently provides the segment insights containing the customers’ behavior, making it vital for organizing marketing campaigns.
Bulletpoint List of Customers Likely to Churn: Using Enhencer’s AI Algorithm obtain the list of highly likely churn customers along with their behavior leading to a possible churn.

Take Actions Before They Leave

Predict which customers might leave in the future based on their past behaviors. Reach out to the right customer segments at the right time by simply exporting the list of customers who might leave. Alternatively, use our APIs to connect email/SMS marketing platforms to take immediate actions to the customers likely to churn.

Bulletpoint Decrease Churn Rate: Reach out and engage the right customers with a higher likelihood to churn. As a result, Increase the chances of retaining the churn customers and decreasing the churn rate over time.
Bulletpoint Retain the Lost Revenue: As a chain effect of retaining the churn customers, retain those revenues that would have been lost otherwise.

Who trust us

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Chakra wanted to prioritize their add to cart conversion and improve their targeting for potential customers. In order to do so, they needed to model and segment the website visitors' behaviors. While the conventional methods can take weeks or even months to construct any meaningful insights, Using Enhencer Chakra was able to accurately predict visitors' propensity to buy and segment their behavior for potential customers targeting.
Multinet predicted their customers' churn likelihoods with a stunning accuracy of 98%. Enhencer's AI algorithm also provided Multinet with the customer segments containing customer behavior for churn; this enabled the company to create personalized marketing campaigns. Accurate churn prediction and customer behavior segments mean reaching out to the right customers with suitable marketing campaigns. All these translate to retaining more churn customers than ever, with a vast influx of lost revenue for Multinet.

How effective it is

Reduction in
lost revenue

Churn can have a massive impact on the overall revenue over time. Using Enhencer’s Auto Segmentation feature, observe and segment the customers’ behavior that leads to a churn. Organize and implement a personalized marketing campaign using these segment insights and retain all those churn customers and lost revenues.

Decrease in
churn rate

Reducing the churn rate is not just about engaging the customer, but engaging the right customer. Enhencer’s AI algorithm does precisely that. Obtain the list of highly likely churn customers in a matter of moments. Retain all these customers by engaging them with the right approach and reduce the churn rate over time by more than 70%.

Churn prediction

Finding a churn customer is like finding a needle in a haystack. Using customers’ past behavior, Enhencer’s State of the art AI Algorithm predicts those churn cases before they actually happen. Using Enhencer precisely predict and reach out to these customers before they churn with an impressive success rate of 98%.

Model your way to smarter sales and marketing!