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The New Paradigm Offered byIndustry 4.0

Customer Success Managers' Efficiency

The archaic methods of marketing and public relations are depending on single idea. End-product is served to customers and they left alone. Thus, the ongoing process of customer usage cannot be measured as well as the turn rates of unsuccessful customers. In order to endorse turn retention, the new method of marketing/PR is called customer success. Read More

The New Paradigm Offered byIndustry 4.0

Why Blockchain is Important?

The importance of any technology can be judged by its values which are offered through it. For instance, the intrinsic value of blockchain is obvious as every innovation comes with an enhancement in its respective area. However, different than the intrinsic value of a technology there are some benefits we can obtain from the area of their impact. Read More

The New Paradigm Offered byIndustry 4.0

Cluster Analysis vs Factor Analysis

All about cluster analysis and multifactored analysis were mentioned in our blog in meticulous detail. However, a comprehensive comparison had not been made until now. The exact reason of this comparison is to show users that both methods have their ups and downs. Read More

The New Paradigm Offered byIndustry 4.0

Advantages of Instant Notifications

In the age of interactive marketing, consumer behavior decides everything. What interactive marketing means changes it core sense as some part of interaction comes from both supplier and producer parties. Read More

The New Paradigm Offered byIndustry 4.0

7 Benefits of Having a Mobile App in Hand

Last few decades were the era of paradigm shifts, multiple sectors and areas experienced a noticeable change of solutions and related problems. Thus, observing enough movement in the market showed that mobile apps are not only branding exercises for enterprises but also, they are tacit lifestyles of end-consumer. Read More

The New Paradigm Offered byIndustry 4.0

Dashboard's Help in Business Reporting

Definition of dashboard is intuitive and easy to understand; however, there are some distinctions between some types. The formal definition of widely used usual dashboards is associated with a lot of things such as process tracking, progress control and fault detection. Read More

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