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A Change in Habit

We live in a world of instant gratification where old habits are slowly but certainly is fading away. In a world of Netflix, we abandoned the habit of going out and actually buying/renting a movie. Why all the hassle when we can start watching in a click of a button at our home comfort? When we have Spotify and SoundCloud like platforms then why go buy music records? Even the food home delivery has gotten faster than ever. This spoils our habits of expectation of such an instant gratification towards other services and aspects of life as well.

Instant Gratification

Don't get me wrong, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It pushes all the other industries to find a relatively innovative way to attract attention and audience. Take the gaming industry for instance; its slowly moving to cloud game streaming, meaning you just log in and start playing, no installation no download whatsoever, again instant gratification. Its time to find how data science has coped up with today's fast-moving world.

An Unaddressed Issue in Data Science

Data science has come a long way and we are dependent on it in more ways than ever. More tech giants; like Google & Microsoft; are investing in it and some have perfected it while SaaS companies are stepping up with more innovation.

However, one factor is still hanging that no one has been able to address it yet. Accessibility. While these data-analytics platforms; like R, Python, SQL, SAS, SPSS, etc; are very versatile and robust, its very hard to get started unless you have very strong knowledge about either statistics or programming and sometimes both. This can be very daunting and restricts accessibility.

The Solution We Deserve

This is where Enhencer comes in. Its a predictive analytics SaaS platform that addresses the accessibility problem. Now let me explain how do they innovatively answer that.

Steps to Data Analysis

Enhencer takes a different approach by reducing all these to 3 steps. That’s insane in a good way.

This is where their innovative ways pay off. Once you upload the data to Enhencer, it cleans the data then creates relative features, trains many models, and chooses the best one based on the model performances automatically.

Enhencer uses Machine Learning Algorithms to achieve this. All you need to do is to connect the data and all these things are taken care of automatically. In about 3–5 minutes (Depends on the data size) you are presented with all the predictive analytics results like predictions, predictions errors, and model performances like the picture below. Then all you need to do is implement the model in your own system.

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Destroying the Accessibility Barrier

This answers the accessibility issue that others failed to do. Enhencer takes away all the traditional data-analytics steps and makes it as easy and fast as it can be. It's the groundbreaking innovation that the data-science field has been craving silently for long. Enhencer;

  1. Requires no coding whatsoever. Everything is drag and drop and interface based.
  2. Requires no statistical or programming knowledge.
  3. Requires only a few minutes to take you from data to results.

It can be accessed by both the cloud platform and the local installation of the software. While everything is provided automatically by default; if somethings are not up to your desire then by all means you can go ahead and tune the models to your liking.

Instant Gratification & Data Science

Enhencer is here to change how we think when we think about data-science, change how we analyze our data, change how fast we can analyze our data, and change the accessibility so that anyone can get into the analytics. Why spend hours if not days analyzing a data when we can do the same with few clicks and a few minutes, hence the instant gratification we deserve for the data analytics and predictive analytics. Break the old habit and embrace the new fast innovative way.

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