As Enhencer, we are, as a 21st century organism, following the latest trends in the data and management closely. Therefore, the consumer needs and the practical formations of the data science fields direct us to more user-friendly solutions. Those solutions are basically arising due to practical needs and other developments in the fields. According to us, the live outputs are one of the most important features of a service related with data. As time proceed, as one must decide, the time is always an enemy. Therefore, taking instant decisions are vital. With that in mind, one can understand that offering live output service is a life-changer in terms of consumer experience.

The benefits of live outputs have been addressed in out site for a few times, however, the Enhencer specific addition to that matter is what makes us the final verdict. Calculation of turn retention, risk factor and other data related concepts mainly depend on data, time, and method. Having a consistent data at hand, intervening at the right time and the correct methods are the vital elements of predictive analysis. However, the consistent data and the correct methods are given, while time parameter is not. The time parameter depends on the capacity of the service’s ability to announce the updates.

The ambiguity of time parameter causes a lot of incorrect decision to take place or at least correct decision to take place in an incorrect time. Thus, to put risk, formed due to time, to disposal, one must get the latest news and/or updates of the data or calculation as live output mechanism would avert the risk rising from those parameters. Even though, all updates can be obtained from the program when operator wants, the better alternative would be that program collects the information and notifies the operator with the updates to enhance the user experience.

In order to reach ultimate user experience level, program must know what consumer wants without even consumer knows by themselves. Thus, giving regular updates and notifications of outputs give a relaxed space to consumer so that s/he can involve in the process of calculation throughout it. The reason Enhencer, puts so much pressure on the live output is due to its practical side where it eliminates the risk of acting late. As everyone carries a mobile device within them, the live outputs are sent as notifications so that they can be analyzed.

Another side of live output is not about the instant notifications and updates but about the marginal changes. That is, as big data analysis becomes hefty sometimes due to quantity of the data, the change in a single variable’s impact might not be observable immediately, however, the live output mechanism of the Enhencer offers that even a marginal change in any variable’s impact can be observed as projections of every alternative can be drew as well as their synchronized time.

Therefore, the both sides of the live outputs and our delicate insistence on them is not for nothing. The impact of the right decision at the right time is more than vital in the last decade as everyone’s capabilities are increasing simultaneously. What is important here is that, the marginal benefits one gains not from the differentiation of the product but from the differentiation from the mindset of the supplier.

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