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The challenges for the automotive industry are ever-changing, ever-increasing. If used timely and properly, Data Analytics can present a significant competitive advantage to the future leaders of the industry.

Automotive Industry is maybe not a trailblazer in the age of data, but they are not lagging much behind Banking and Retail sectors either. Many automotive industry players use advanced analytics for their entire value chain. Needless to say, insight-driven businesses are forming and rising in the industry.

Data Analytics includes a vast array of operations which require a combination of knowledge in statistics, information technology, and the business field. Enhencer is designed to simplify the IT and statistics knowledge, and let users analyze their data with Machine Learning algorithms, with an intuitive user interface.

Let’s have a look at which stages of the Value Chain we can utilize Enhencer, with a few example analyses:

– In supply chain and procurement, analytics are used for optimizing the chain.

– In manufacturing, analytics is extensively used for Workforce Analytics, Operational Planning and Asset Management. Also, product development benefits from analytics with Product Risk Analysis and customer analyses.

– Distribution stage utilizes analytics in Inventory & Distribution Optimization.

– As expected, Marketing, Sales, and Aftersales departments employ most intensive analytics processes; Customer & Competitor Analytics, Sales & Revenue Analytics, Pricing Optimization, and many more.

– In rental operations, it can be used for Customer Satisfaction analysis, predicting Customer Risk Scores and it can even be used for predicting the damage and the price of the car for when it is returned (Predictive Asset Maintenance).

If you are curious about how to extract the highest value from your data, write to us here or at hello@enhencer.com and let’s discuss.

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